Plots on the desire for intimacy in men

Any metal capable of taking over for a long time and save energy transferred to him a man.This property of metal objects and receive based sexual love spell.A prerequisite for conspiracy metal things is a direct contact person conducting the bewitching action with this thing.That is simply to recite the plot of a thing and thus convey their will in this case is not enough.You must charge the metal object with energy the body, touch, warm hands, to pat, to lay hand, attached to the body, and so on. D.

magical effect can be produced with metal buttons, buckles, ornaments (better with those who come into contact with the bodybewitches human - rings, earrings), and pins, pins and hair clips.

not commit omens through crucifix and chain on which it hangs, and through the wristwatch.In no case can not let your actions anyone ever seen.

Here are two buttons on the conspiracy to increase male sexual desire

thing you need to find the man she loved with metal buttons, located at the level of his chest.Squeeze in the palm of his right hand, these few buttons and three times to read to them the plot:

"In the sea, the ocean, the island of Buyan is white stone. Under the stone tossed and torn wind violent, impetuous. Vypushena I, the servant of God (name), from the stone wind to blow it right in the heart zealous servant of God (name). Let dry, distressed by his betrothed, God appointed, let the desire flares up, let not wait to caress her. And if you will not in my opinion,will forge iron-cold heart of his zealous, will close the bolt wrought! "

second plot is read at midnight on a full moon, unbuttoned at the metal buttons (they need to sort out one by one), after pronouncing the words of the conspiracy needed to fasten buttons.

"You, white moon, as round as a filler apple, help me, servant of God (name), to bind the servant of God (name) filaments thin, invisible bonds secret, intimate! Let these strands pulled me the servant of God (name) and the day-noon, and night-midnight, now and forever! Let the ties strong, unbreakable involve me the servant of God (name) in body and heart, and mind. To been parted with her husband pious norin sorrow or in joy to him and flattered oblaskivala! "

buttoning, say tack:

"My word is hard, night - Castle Day - key".

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