Gemini and Capricorn - the compatibility of these signs a controversial!

between such signs as the Gemini and Capricorn, the compatibility of which is quite controversial, quite often there are different kinds of disagreements and misunderstandings.Gemini is inherently combine like two personalities at once, so Capricorn is rather difficult to understand its essence.

Gemini and Capricorn horoscope says that the ownership of these marks to the different elements in his union must make certain sacrifices.With regard to the Capricorn, Gemini in its attracted by the opportunity to benefit.Link to Capricorn Gemini due to their attitude toward psychiatry, death, sex and hypnosis.Capricorn in the choice of clothing is quite old-fashioned, but despite this, he always looks elegant and neat.Most Capricorns do not accept anything new, for example, the current trends in fashion and give their preference classics, that is what has long been tested and verified.Gemini also strive to keep up with the times.

can say that Gemini and Capricorn, which will work quite illusory, live on opposite ends of the earth.If the twins are constantly come in a variety of discussions and debates, Capricorn is always serene and will not spend itself and its forces in senseless cries and screams.Remarkably, the Twins can emerge victorious from almost any dispute.But if there will be present Capricorn, Gemini will not be able to do so.Capricorn instantly recognizes all the psychological tricks of Gemini and do not fall on their hook and all sorts of tricks.

As the compatibility horoscope, Capricorn and Gemini may be some time together.Initially signs attracts people of their exact opposite.In particular, the twin who looks very restless, striving to be closer to the Capricorn only because in the depths of their souls desire peace and quiet.And it can only give a serene Capricorn.

delicate and at the same time very serious Capricorn Gemini is able to give what they lack in life, namely, emotional security, and reliability.Twins just need this holiday as a bird, tired after a long flight.Their life is so fleeting, that in fact it looks like a blur.Capricorn same for the Twins is a kind of guardian of peace and tranquility.This is a man with whom they can fully enjoy the fullness of love.However, Gemini can also be useful for Capricorn.People of this sign of Capricorn can learn to dive into an imaginary world through music, art and literature.Capricorn, in turn, provided the opportunity to enjoy, as it sometimes is rather difficult to get out of its cold and pragmatic reality of the world he has created for himself.

Gemini and Capricorn, the compatibility of which can be built only on the difference of interest, so contradictory that it is hard to imagine them together there.If you take a typical representative of the sign of Capricorn, these people are practical and prudent.Going on a trip, they expect all the details, and far in advance of the date of dispatch.Gemini also can travel even in the imagination.And for this they do not have anything to take into account, buy tickets and collect some things.

Well, what can I say more?Everything is already clear.Gemini and Capricorn, the compatibility of which is almost impossible to predict, representatives of different worlds.One Capricorn, walks the earth.Other, Gemini, flies somewhere in the clouds.The question is, whether these two very different elements coexist?The answer, as you know, ambiguous.But as a rule, even finding a common language, such an alliance is never long.