Degu - amazing animal

Degu - an animal that is not widely known among lovers of pets.This fascinating creature belongs to the order of rodents and externally, in the opinion of fans of this creature resembles a cross between a coney, chinchillas and squirrels.The size is small: about 0.15 meters is the length of the body and about 0.1 meters - the length of the charming tail with a tassel on the end.Pet weighs 0.3 kilograms.

What characteristics have degus?The animal is in the wild is an agricultural pest, t. To. Willingly uses cultivated plants by farmers.But for many years around the world they are kept as pets, and are used in the experiments for the treatment of diabetes, ie. K. Zverushki categorically not tolerate sugar.The food is a rodent-quality hay and a special feed for chinchillas.As a delicacy fit mini servings of cabbage, carrots, green apple, cucumber.Banned sweet and dairy products, biscuits, bread.Cheese little animals are not allowed, ie. K. Mice, they are not.

Degu - animal survivor by the standards of

his family.It is believed that in captivity with good care, they can live for five years or more (there are eight-year specimens).A positive aspect is that the rodent eats only grass feed, so the results of his life almost odorless.In addition, it is active during the day and at night sleeping peacefully, do not create additional problems for the owners.

The more interesting this animal?Daegu is one of those rare pets which can not be washed with water.Instead, breeders buy for him a special sand or calcined river, which bathes and cleans zverushka their gray-brown fur.Rodent virtually no loud noise, sociable, loves his fellow men, which "speaks" in a language similar to the birds whistling.

Degu - a very clever animal.Owners report that the rodent quickly mastered the new place, a few days have given up, and a couple of weeks even respond to it by name.To pet feel comfortable, it is recommended to buy a large cage (width and height of 0.5 meters, depth - 0.4 m).It set the tray with high sides, firmly attached "climbing frame", "houses", hammocks and wheel to run.A couple of times a week to put the "kupalka" with sand.

The animal housing should always be water, preferably in a glass of heavy drinkers to animal sgryzlo, such as its plastic variations.In addition, the bottom of the cage is spread chips without dyes and perfumes, birch branches, willow, currant, could grind to a rodent teeth.The cell does not have to stand in a draft or close to a source of loud noise.There were cases when rodents are "protesting" against the strong playing rock singing.

As can be seen in many photos, degus - a curious animal, therefore the bars in the cage need to fit well, they should not be paint (animal can nibble and swallow it).Better lock the door to additional wire.Experts advise a couple of times a week under the supervision of a personal release degus to run on flat.Pre-need to lock the cats and dogs, and watch to not pet chewed wires.In many cases animals are used for entertainment hamster ball, which degus can very readily move through the rooms.In this case, minimizing the risk of collision with other pets.