February.Zodiac of the month - Aquarius and Pisces.It is believed that Aquarius - the sign of genius.This erudite and developed in all respects people.A few fish are dual nature, distinguishing feature - developed intuition, which sometimes is simply amazing.

February.Aquarius and Pisces child

Aquarius.Just unique children!I think not childish.Their philosophical reflections make adult open-mouthed.Mental development is running ahead of the physical.These kids are always eager for new knowledge, great in school, smart, energetic, creative.They demand to be treated as equals, do not suffer when adults are trying to control them.If you punish the child of Aquarius, it can deeply experience it and hold a grudge for a long time.These children certainly need praise, she plays the role of a stimulus.

Fish.These children all have their own opinions and defend it vigorously.The mood is changeable, it is now a child laughing, and five minutes later shed tears.They need support from adults, they need encouragement and praise.In good relationships always correspond to sincerity and selfless help.Children Pisces are artistic, they are attracted to the art.They love to spend time with adults as peers they are simply not interested.Generally, children are the most sensitive of the mark, with them to behave gently and tactfully.

February.Aquarius and Pisces.Astro

Aquarius.Vulnerabilities - shin, ankle muscles.People born under the sign of Aquarius, often live to a ripe old age and centenarians considered.The classic type of sign - a slender man, well built, with blond hair and eyes.He observes the daily routine and nutrition, loves sports and is actively engaged in it.She loves nature.The most harmful for Aquarius - smoking.

Fish.Vulnerabilities - foot fingers.People of this sign have a weak immunity and lower the body's resistance to infections.Prone to various diseases legs, lung disease.They just need to take care of the feet, to avoid the cold and moisture.Another weakness - eye.Pisces is necessary to regularly visit an ophthalmologist to check the health of your eyes.Generally, they prefer traditional medicine and convince them otherwise virtually impossible.

February.Aquarius and Pisces.Love and temperament

Aquarius - Zodiac Sign January-February.This is a true realist.His little interest in romance, some do not believe in love.

In a relationship Aquarius always faithful, he Monogamous by nature and respected partner.They are easy, so they often have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.Friends Aquarians are totally different.As for social status, and by mental development.The only criterion in choosing friends - strength of spirit and mind.

These people are fully developed, are interesting and nasschennuyu life.They need companions with similar interests and hobbies.Love for Aquarius is important, but it is not necessary in the first place, although with their partner, they are always considered, compromise and absolutely not jealous.

February Zodiac - Pisces as if born to love!Passionate, charming, able to pay compliments, they know a lot about love and seduction.But the demands of the partner is quite high, and even one wrong word can severely hurt the feelings and put out.

Women Fish often indulge in dreams.They understand men, that allows you to quickly conquer the opposite sex.Married faithful and loyal, often marry early.

Men are sometimes hesitant because of the fear of rejection.In general, it's just a great husband, he was generous, respect women, life with them seems a real honeymoon.