How to recognize the early signs of chickenpox in the child

Chickenpox - the most common disease in children.Usually, it occurs between the ages of 5 and 10 years.After the disease is maintained immunity for life.This disease is highly contagious and is transmitted by direct contact with a sick child.Therefore, usually in gardens sick almost the whole group.The first signs of chickenpox in the child do not appear immediately.After infection takes 1-3 weeks, but the baby will be contagious before the rash appears.

Chickenpox is caused by the herpes virus.Usually children do not suffer from hard, complications and high temperatures are only in adults, so it's best to transfer the disease in childhood.Especially dangerous is chickenpox during pregnancy.

first signs of chickenpox in the child like an ordinary viral infection.He becomes moody, there is a weakness and discomfort, sometimes pain in the throat or stomach.High fever.These symptoms occur in time when precipitations are not yet clear.

What are the signs of chickenpox are most characteristic of this disease?Of course, this rash.When the small red spots, which over time transformed into vesicles can be easily determined that your child is chickenpox.The rash is most concentrated in the abdomen, chest, neck and face.

Then the rash spreads to the back, legs, maybe even on the mucous membranes, which delivers the most discomfort.After a few days the red spots are converted into blisters with clear content.Then there are scabs that fall off after some time for yourself, without leaving a trace.

Eruptions occur every few days, so it can be seen on the body of all the stages of rash.Typically, these symptoms and it is determined that a child chickenpox.The first signs of photos vividly show the children.Each child individually the number of lesions.They may be small, or they spread throughout the body.

Every mother should know the first signs of chickenpox have
child in time to start treatment.It causes a rash, severe itching, and scratching toddler can carry infection.In addition, if rip crust formed on the bubbles on the skin for life remain unsightly scars.If untreated, complications may occur.Most often it is suppuration after scratching bubbles.

special medicines from chickenpox do not exist, have no effect on the virus and antibiotics.The patient is desirable to lie down, drink a lot.At high temperatures appointed antipyretics.For quick healing of the rash they should be lubricated daily green paint.Carefully inspect all the baby's body, especially the folds and perineum, because bubbles can fester untreated.

It is also important to comply with hygiene rules and a special diet, eliminating allergens.We need to give your child vitamins and means to strengthen the immune system.To reduce itching recommended herbal baths, and in severe cases - antihistamines.

first signs of chickenpox in a child must be able to recognize, not to be confused with other diseases, such as measles.In addition, a sick child should be isolated from other children, so it is not spread infection.