Determine the nature of the handwriting

today to determine a person's character can be a number of ways: the analysis of his face, hands, chart, taste preferences, number and color of the car, etc.The reliability of such "research" is questioned a lot of people, but there are also those for whom these characteristics are something truths.
True or artfully disguised lie to each of us at least once in his life had to look in the horoscope - either from the belief in the supernatural, or simply out of curiosity.Like it or not, but I still wonder what we can tell about the apartment number, horizontal wrinkle or, say, our handwriting.
determine the character of the handwriting can each of us, however, it is unlikely it will be possible to call this study with a high degree of data accuracy.To analyze the need to hand-written text at least 3-4 rows, with, greeting inscriptions on the cards is not counted.This is important
: characterization of human handwriting can vary at different time intervals (for example, 20 years and 50 years).The most reliable results when analyzing handwriting of people aged 25 to 50 years.

proceed to the analysis.We will explore the handwriting on several criteria: the pressure, the size of the letters, their shapes, the slope of the letters and the row direction.
First of all, pay attention to the pressure (of course, to a greater extent all the above will apply to the letter fountain pen).Strong pressure will talk about confidence and vigor author of the letter, these people have a high capacity for work, easy to go on contact, are optimistic about the future.
light pressure gives nature a romantic, dreamy, sensitive.Such people have a rich inner world, and which prefer to focus.It is responsible and unhurried workers akkuratisty large, and even light pressure indicates a weak will.
next benchmark by which to identify the nature of the handwriting, it is the slope of the letters.
Slight lean to the left indicates that the writer of the letter individualist, for whom their interests above the interests of the group.The sharp tilt to the left provides a self-sufficient and independent nature, accustomed to his point of view on absolutely any problem.
slight inclination to the right is typical for most people and suggests calm and balanced character.Holders of such handwriting sociable, but is alien to them and loneliness, these people are prone to mood swings.
strong inclination to the right speaks of perseverance and determination.Holders of such a large handwriting maximalists, amorous nature and prone to jealousy.Direct
handwriting says about the internal harmony, balance of rationality and emotionality.In addition, holders of the handwriting - big stubborn.
next criterion - the size of the letters.The size of letters speaks of human sociability.So, it opens the emotional nature, easily reaching the contact has a large writing (letter size greater than 3 mm).Such people are the soul of the company and in most cases are the leaders of the group.
small handwriting gives a restrained nature, secretive and calculating, closed.Such people are able to concentrate fully on the matter, but because they make excellent performers.
creative nature provides a handwriting.Narrow're talking about rationality and thrift.
determine the nature of the handwriting, it is important to pay attention to the outline of characters.Round letters talk about kindness and sympathy, the ability to compromise, angular - about selfishness, the desire for independence.Location
lines tell about life position: optimists line like crawling up from pessimists - down.Uneven row - evidence of frequent changes of mood imbalances.Undulating lines of talk about the propensity to gamble.

What else should pay attention to defining the character of the handwriting?Note whether the letters are associated with each other.Straight, enterprising nature, have the ability to constructively criticize, normally write "connected", linking the letter to the letter.People with a rich inner world and the developed intuition write letters separating from each other, a combination of two or three letters are characteristic of balanced temperament.
Now you know how to recognize a person's character by the handwriting.And you can easily guess what the character of a person.