The history of the volcano: Kluchevskoy

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Without a doubt, the main attraction of the Kamchatka Peninsula - Kluchevskoy, is a large conical volcano correct form.If we talk about the origin of the name, then the term "hill" from local residents treated as a mound or hill.The name is associated with the mountain located next to the river and settlement Klyuchevka Keys.Presumably, at the choice of the name of the volcano has affected the availability of a large number of nearby keys that are hot.Kluchevskoy covered ice cap.Some of her tongue drops almost to the foot of the mountain.

first documented eruption of this volcano was recorded in 1697, and the first detailed description dates back to 1737.Then the participant of the second Kamchatka expedition of Bering running Stepan Krashennikov noted that ferocious, terrible fire lasted for about a week.Because of him the whole mountain turned into a red-hot stone and the flames with a loud noise rushed down a red-hot river.Kluchevskoy significantly strengthened its operations in the summer of 1966.Then, in a series of eruptions of lava descended into the valley Kirgurich, the bed of which has long flowed in the direction of the settlement Keys.For two months, the lava flow covered the distance in ten kilometers, which greatly frightened locals.

Over the past more than two hundred years of observation of Klyuchevskoy volcano eruption occurred about fifty times.In the twentieth century was the most active volcano in January 1980.On the mountainside while a crack length of about one kilometer, from which emit a huge amount of ash and lava.

relative height of the volcano is no concrete answer.According to most atlases of this parameter is 4688 m. However, in many books and encyclopedias references the figure of 4750 m. Based on data from popular online source Wikipedia Kluchevskoy has a height of 4649 m. The explanation for all this is simple enough.The fact that the volcano is now in force.Like any other living thing, it has a tendency to constantly change its size.If you examine the historical statistics, we can see that as of 1978 the height of the mountain is 4750 m. Even after twenty years Kluchevskoy rose to a height of one hundred meters.The eruption, which occurred in 1994, due to the growth of cinder cones mountain rose up to 4822 m. In spite of this, active volcanic activity has led to the gradual destruction of the cone and reduce the height to the level of 4750 m. Today in the crater of the volcano againaccumulation of material occurs, which leads to its increase.In this connection, the height of the mountain is now approximately 4800 m.

first recorded ascent of the volcano dates back to 1788 Kluchevskoy year.This happened during the period from 4 to 8 August.Then the Russian expedition led by Billings, walked to the base of the mountain, and the mountain Curious conductor Daniel Gaus, along with several of his companions went up to the top of the volcano.