Arguer - who is this?

argumentative - it unless explained in simple words, people who tend to get bored and talk at length about something, without knowing the essence of what he says.Besides his speech are moral character.In psychology, this concept is interpreted in more detail and clear, so that a complete picture and to consider it.


worth noting that the "argumentative" - ​​a multifaceted term.For example, he refers to the psychopathology and the possibility of loss of the ability to think concretely.Arguer do not pursue a specific goal, is not used in any of the facts and arguments are not capable of making clear and unambiguous conclusions.

There is another version of the interpretation.Only he did not regard psychology and literature.Heroes arguer - these characters are works that do not take little or no part in the development of the plot or action.In other words, saying they are only witnesses, declaring a happening.These heroes are the most common in the classical and medieval theater.However, the peak of the popularity of the use of such characters reached between bourgeois literature.And arguer in such works were not just konstatatorami - these heroes, the author expresses the objectivity and consistency, criticizing them through the sad (at the time) a reality.A clear example can be Chatsky of the product, "Woe from Wit" - he speaks about the problems of government, actually talking about life.

Feature moralizers

So take a closer look at this concept of psychology.Arguer - a person who simply can not think concretely.Often it is accompanied by a specific way of thinking superfluous emotions, emotion and expression, manifested in large quantities.All this, of course, looks unnatural.Stilted, verbosity and ornateness speech - is a feature of such a person, who is known as "argumentative".Psychology and medicine treat it as a disease.In fact it is.Moralizing - it is one of the many types of thought disorder.Scientists have attributed the disease to the motivational-personality group.


moralizing also called verbal tumor.How do you know all that there is a violation of human?His speech is filled with overly pretentious and complex expressions, very abstract phrases, terms, the interpretation of which the arguer does not understand himself, as well as different concepts, it is not appropriate in a particular case.Perhaps this is the most recognizable signs.Arguer - a person who is not interested in the ultimate idea.He likes to direct the process of presenting their ideas.Although he utters thoughts difficult to christen this concept.After all, the idea - it is something concrete, a prototype, which exists in the human mind.There is no such arguer, he simply flow of words, unrelated in meaning.

arguer How do you know?

These people thinking amorphous.That is, without a specific content.How do I know that you face argumentative?It's simple.Even when discussing the everyday problems of ordinary argumentative will be difficult to articulate his thoughts.In other words, even the purchase of pasta they will be considered from the point of view of cosmology and philosophy.Though actually arguer always give themselves quickly.After all, this kind of thinking can not help but reflect on their lives, interests, hobbies and outlook.They are addicted to strange things, they like the fact that a normal, healthy person seems wild and unacceptable.In medicine it is called a metaphysical intoxication.

So learn arguer is not so difficult.Much more difficult to understand it and to get away from a conversation with a man.People with a different way of thinking is so simple it does not turn easily exist side by side, even a minimal amount of time.