Relic - this thing is worthy of preservation and worship

There are things in the world, faithfully stored and especially revered by all people or a particular group.Typically, each such item is related to the historical events of the past.Relic - it is something that can unite whole nations around any ideas expressed in a similar way in a substantive context.Typically, such a thing is kept sacred, and sometimes she even worship.

meaning of the word "relic»

The concept comes from the Latin verb "to be", which determines its generally accepted meaning.According to the classification relics can be divided into religious, historical, family, technical.In any case, the relic - this thing is deeply revered, calls for a careful and even reverent attitude.


It usually documents - certificates have occurred in human history events.In any major museum they are present in the exhibition.The historic relic - a battle flag, ancient manuscript, the manuscript.They are also all sorts of insignia of power, printing kings, lords and states, clothes rulers, military weapons of different eras.For example, everyone knows the Cap of Monomakh.Or Boat of Peter the Great.Or banners princely.As a rule, this kind of objects are stored in museums or private collections for the purpose of scientific research or as teaching the history of objects testifying to determine its course.Significantly availability and preservation of these relics for the younger generation.Let us remember how interested the children looking at such items in the museum.


existed in the world and there are many religions.Each of them has relic.Inside religion may even form a religious cult associated with any relic.So, the Holy Grail Christianity gave rise to the formation of the Order of the Crusaders - the custodians of the relics.It still exists today.Among these relics of the world's major religions - Wailing Wall, the Spear of Destiny, the Tooth Relic.


most well-known in our part of the world - Christian relics.It is stored and revered by believers objects related to the life of the saints, Christ, the prophets.They come in varying degrees of importance (some of them definitely being questioned), and are usually stored in specially designated areas - reliquaries.In Catholicism it is fragments of the cross on which the Savior was crucified, sandals of Jesus, the Shroud of Peter, the relics of saints.In Orthodoxy, a relic - a nail from the Holy Cross, part of the Robe of the Mother of God, part of the Robe of Christ and the crown of thorns.Peculiar objects of worship were also the relics of saints and some icons that sometimes streaming myrrh, slezotochat and bleed, foreshadowing the events of various kinds, according to the pilgrims.


These include, for example, copies of the machinery of past eras, had long been used in modern life.As a rule, they were saved by collectors and are in working condition for the purpose of learning and teaching.You can find them in private collections and museums.This vintage cars, typewriters, locomotives, ships, watches and the like.

Family Heirloom - is another type of standard classification.The family can be attributed all kinds of documents, objects, jewelery and other valuables handed down from generation to generation, from generation to generation by inheritance.It heirlooms, press materials about the famous family members, pedigree, photographs, genealogical tree.The old noble (and not only) labor has traditionally maintained similar articles and information believed to be descendants heirlooms and being intimate values ​​within the same family.