Why dream of a rooster?

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Animals and birds have always occupied a special place in our lives.Not surprising, and that special attention is paid to them when they appear in our dreams.Perhaps this is due to the veneration of "smaller brothers" our ancestors and widely known totem cults that have survived today, except in Africa, or in underdeveloped peoples.Rather, it led to what is now the dreams involving animals have the highest number of interpretations.This can be seen if any scroll comer arm dream book.Why dream of a rooster - it is dedicated to today's article.

This bird represents primarily an aggression for many, because it is associated with childhood memories, especially if the child is at the time survived the attack of the birds.In addition, the cock - a bird that plays the role of a host of quite a lot of chickens - a kind of harem.So, maybe this dream means a high position, but is it really?Let's try to figure it out.

What dreams cock.Interpretation of Dreams Freud

Sigmund Freud argues that if the cock is a dream - a sign of the imminent commission of oversight asleep.Also, the dream may represent and have committed mistakes, such as in the case of adultery.In this case, the cock - the personification of anxiety adulterer (or spouses).This is especially true of those dreams when you hear the cock crow.

What dreams cock.Dream Miller

Gustaf Miller - virtually the successor of Freud's teachings in the field of dreams.His dream interpretation included both classical interpretations and images experienced by him.In his dream book rooster - a symbol of high status and wealth.This is an early bird dreamed of sleeping in the elevation of the eyes of society, which does not lead to good end: affect future mistakes of his own vanity.Fighting cocks in her sleep Miller explains how the forerunner of future quarrels.But this bird is singing on the Miller - a very good sign, especially for the young: it is a sign of a good living together in prosperity.

What dreams cock.Dream Interpretation Longo

Yuri Longo, on the contrary, it tends to interpret dreams in terms of esoteric and other magical exercises.Rooster, in his opinion, represents the aggression, but prone to rebelliousness and lack of reconciliation.Most likely, this dream foretells quarrels with old acquaintances or friends.And the end of the quarrel so deeply touches sleep that go back to the previous relationship is probably not succeed.But the cock-fight, according to Longo - on the contrary, a sign that sleep becomes a party to the quarrel of their friends, but will act as a conciliatory hand.In this case, all will end well.

What dreams cock.The esoteric interpretation

Esoteric compares the image of the cock with the ambition sleeping.And the more beautiful cock in her sleep, the more they will be satisfied in life.But if you had a cock plucked, it means that in reality, to the ambitions no one cares, so we should stop sleeping vain efforts and send their forces to the other side.If the cock crowed in a dream, it is with regard to their implementation.It is necessary to pay attention to his voice resounding - then everything goes without problems, hoarse - will spend a lot of effort.

What a dream: a rooster pecks

This is not something to worry about.Almost all downers are inclined to believe that this is just a sign of what will soon be reminded of sleeping very important matter that fell from his memory.