Horrible Harry

By number of controversial press mentions Prince Harry far surpassed all my relatives.Even as a child he caught for smoking marijuana, he often fought with paparazzi, drunk as a lord, he spent his evenings with strippers, ran naked through the neighborhood and was wearing Nazi uniform.

decade he tried to hide from the wrath of taxpayers, sending to the service of the hottest in the world, if only farther away from pubs and paparazzi.But even the army and the regiment selected guards have not saved Harry from disgrace.And now it became known that the most eligible bachelor in England, and perhaps the whole world finally comes back from the army links.

younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana can safely claim to be the most popularly beloved member of the British royal family.Charming and affable Harry is very popular among the girls, and journalists like the prince, because from time to time he throws up his scandals, some rarely dozhdeshsya of royals.

During his lifetime, Prince Harry brought a lot of trouble to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and his father, Prince Charles.The first daring deed of his youth was smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol.After that, Prince Charles spent with his son and sent educational talk for a day in rehab talk to local patients.

Hoping that military discipline would do the trick, Prince Charles sent Harry a military academy Sandhurst.To Harry vljapalsja before a new story for a few months, he was sent to Argentina to look after the horses and clean stables.

during adolescence Prince many revelers in the clubs of London, where he was filmed with different girls.Once, being drunk, Harry hit the paparazzi Chris Uncle, damaging his lip.Subsequently, the photographer claimed that Harry was sitting in the car when he shot it, but then jumped out and chased him down the street.After this incident, the prince more than once attacked paparazzi, including the same Uncle Chris.

Harry often got in the lenses of the paparazzi, while in the arms of different girls, even though it was in a relationship with Chelsea Davy.By the way, she later offered his hand and heart of a prince, but she rejects their common future, citing the fact that it is not ready to live with the royal family.

In March 2009, Prince again shocked everyone: at a party in London club Raffles he appeared with a bright, almost "screaming" pink nail polish.Why he did this, the prince, it seems, and he did not understand.Otherwise I would not try to hide his left hand (that he embellished it).

and Prince Harry and Prince William often come under attack for their press is not the humane treatment of animals.This scandal was triggered when, in 2010, Harry inadvertently cut side spur the horse while playing polo, and continued on his way to victory, despite the trauma of the animal.Immediately Harry remembered his picture in 2004 from Argentina, which the prince laid in Facebook: it ulybyuschimsya he poses next to the corpse of a buffalo.

But the scandal has become a so-called "naked party".In August 2012 the tabloid Sun, and site TMZ published a very candid shots of a naked king's grandson, made on the phone in his room in a fashionable hotel in Las Vegas.

At a party attended by friends of the royal offspring and about 10 girls.The company decided to play a game of pool on the strip.Prince Lost in tatters and was, as they say, in the buff.

Someone secretly took a few shots on the mobile phone, and then sold them, rumored to be a very decent money.The royal family has confirmed the authenticity of the images, and Prince Charles gave his son a beating, and sent to Afghanistan in order to "lay low".

After his military service in Afghanistan, he began to change for the better.

In 2014, Prince Harry decided to test their own strength and endurance, and went camping with the wounded soldiers in the Antarctic.The expedition to the South Pole was called "walks together with the wounded" and was aimed at raising funds for the training and retraining of failed military.

Recently run news that Harry is ready to settle down and start a family.But he admitted he had not met the right person.The Prince was a lot of love stories.In the past six years, Harry met with his girlfriend Chelsea Davy childhood.Prince and others attributed novels with model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, the TV presenter Caroline Flack, singer Mollie King, stylist Sophia Hesketh, Cressida Bonnet.But all of them have ended gap.Rumor has it that at the break, often insists Kate Middleton.

until his retirement in June of the RAF, Harry paid a business trip to Australia and New Zealand.He admitted that it would be hard to leave the service and still does not know exactly what will do, but it talks about family life and charity suggests that the prince finally matured, and we no longer hear scandalous stories with his participation.

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