As pigeons mate, reproduce

expression "cooing like a dove" was coined on purpose.Dove is so devoted to his partner that in case of separation will be faithful for years.Homing pigeons have saved many lives during the war.Man has learned not only to breed these birds at home, but also to train them.

Breeding wild pigeons

breeding season begins, usually in early spring.The female is building a nest, and the male brings her the necessary materials.When the nest is ready, the female can lay eggs safely.Virtually the entire period, the female incubates the eggs, but sometimes it replaces the male.

young and inexperienced couple could leave their nest, the same goes for old pigeons.Since doves mate throughout the year several times, they need a good supply of food and fat.But in the wild search for food is a problem, so each laying exposed.

Features of breeding of domestic pigeons

domestic pigeons became popular for a long time.Dovecot can be found in every town and district.Some of these birds are bred for themselves, some are trained them and earn money.Everyone knows the tradition - to produce a pair of doves at a wedding or on the last call to the school.Quite true breeding meat pigeons, which are eaten.Keep dovecote -dovolno laborious affair.It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness, time to feed the pigeons, as well as the right pairing.

Mating domestic pigeons

Experienced breeders who bred thoroughbred pigeons, carefully suited to the process.Before selecting a pair, make sure that there is no relationship between the pigeons.To do this before buying pigeons need to know their ancestry.

Since doves are paired under the supervision of the breeder, his task - to choose the right pair.The optimum age for the first mating - over the year, by which time the pigeons should be moderately well fed.It is not necessary to prevent the breeding of obese and old pigeons.The best time for mating - spring.Wild pigeons have the right to choose a mate, they are quite responsible approach to this issue.But the choice of pairs for poultry - is to take care of the fancier.

Preparation Before you start you need to prepare mating enclosure.It must be disinfected, lay fresh straw, hanging shelves for nests.A Place in the socket must be greater than the number of pairs, to avoid fights and conflicts.This issue is to approach seriously enough, because each type of pigeons nesting inherent in their form.It is necessary to prepare the terrain, bushes, hollow - all you need to recreate it as a breeding pigeons of this breed in the wild.In the early winter of females and males sit better, it will help the birds to gain weight and experience in the presence of the opposite sex.

need to feed a balanced diet by adding vitamins and minerals.You must also enter into the diet of plant foods.This is all done in order to prepare and the birds were able to produce strong offspring.The addition of calcium in food females is especially important, it will strengthen the future eggs and protect them from cracking.All these details must be considered when performed breeding of domestic pigeons.Training pigeons mating - the most crucial point in this case.After all, a strong and robust offspring - is the key to the success of the fancier.

pair selection

First you need to determine the sex of the pigeon.It is not so easy to do as it seems at first glance.Typically, females less than males, elegant and graceful.Their beak and legs are not as powerful as the male.It seems everything is clear, but there are times when females grow larger sizes or, on the contrary, males are smaller than usual.

If one cell for mating will be two males, then it will result in a fight.And if in a cage will be two females, they behave calmly enough, but in rare cases they can mate.Active female takes on the role of the male.Since doves mate of the same sex, the offspring they do not have.Both females lay eggs, but they are not fertilized.Breeder recognizes his mistake only when it comes time to hatch chicks.But such cases are extremely rare.The main criterion for selecting a pair of similar temperament.This, again, will secure a couple of conflicts.If the couple has chosen the right, and the pairing is successful, the pigeons will work together to build a nest.Fancier try to keep a pair of lifelong learning.


Formed couple carefully chooses the place for the future of housing.Male carefully demolish the materials and the female Lays materials user-friendly manner.If the final stage was the mating and laying, parovka pigeons successful.Females lay two eggs with an interval of forty hours.After all the eggs were laid, incubation begins.Interesting fact that the male takes a direct part in this.

This process can take up to twenty days, then hatch into chicks.At this time, it is important to observe the temperature and light conditions.Since doves mate in the warm season, there can be problems with pipping chicks.Permission for a couple of days before this moment laying drizzle with warm water.Inexperienced doves, snesya first egg hatch accepted it, without waiting for the second.This can lead to that one chick hatched earlier and will grow faster, and the second is weaker and younger.In such cases, pigeon eggs do substitution.

meat breed

pigeon meat since ancient times the Romans and Egyptians considered a delicacy.Even then we created a whole farm, where pigeons are not for beauty.Nowadays there are about 70 breeds of pigeon meat.These specially bred birds in the past month may reach 1.5 kg weight.Typically, mating, breeding pigeon meat breeds - no time-consuming process.Breeder with good care can get up to 10 clutches of eggs per year.Special diet, which consists of all the necessary nutrients, is a guarantee of the growth of pigeon meat.

Mating meat pigeons

multiply meat pigeons in much the same way as conventional home.To facilitate the work fanciers give birth to an equal number of males and females.This will allow the birds to choose their own partner.It is necessary to take into account a lot of weight, which have meat pigeons.Mating should take place in prepared enclosures only nesting place for a lower than usual.

female meat pigeon lays up to three eggs, with a gap of more than a day.These birds hatch their chicks from two weeks to a month, depending on the breed, and changing each other.The first two weeks pigeon feeding chicks thymus milk, and after the breeder introduces special meals for them.

development of new breeds

A large number of breeders involved in breeding new breeds of pigeons.It's quite an interesting thing, because the way the breed pigeons at home, a fascinating spectacle.Sometimes crossing existing breeds leads to unusual results.Carefully selected by individuals who are in the lead among the rest, to get an even better offspring.Breeding and breeding pigeons ideal - it is the dream of every fancier.