Prosthesis in the absence of a large number of teeth: types

quality oral hygiene and timely treatment for dental care will help preserve the long beautiful and healthy smile.But to do without surgery is not always possible.The bad ecology, genetics, trauma - are just a few reasons why you can lose teeth at a young age.Make an attractive smile helps prosthetics.Which option to choose the procedure?Try to understand.

Prosthesis.What it is?

Everyone knows that the lost molars are not restored.Prosthetics - the main section of prosthetic dentistry.With this procedure, you can completely transform a smile.Even in old age a person will have all his teeth, though not native.Prosthetics - a partial or complete restoration of the structure and function of the teeth.Aesthetic element here is not in last place.Many seek to put in place the crown of the tooth darkened.And with the help of veneers can be successfully conceal the opening between the central incisors.

Prosthesis in the absence of a large number of teeth is vital.Without crowns or implants person can not properly chew food.As a result, there will be problems with the gastrointestinal tract.And ugly smile can be the cause of many complexes.Neuroses and depression are provided.Which is kind of prosthesis to choose?Consider the different types of procedures.

Removable prosthetics

Testimonials show that this kind of restoration of chewing function is the most common.Although removable jaw in a glass and causes negative emotions for many, but it is one of the inexpensive ways to regain a beautiful smile.Most often such kind of prosthesis are elderly people who are almost completely lost teeth.

Today, new prosthetic technology.To the great delight of patients on sale there are special creams that can help you secure the prosthesis.In this way everyone can easily chew any food.We should not be afraid that the detachable jaw will fall on the people.

What are dentures?

There are dozens of different materials from which made dentures.Related dentures produced on a plastic base.Such a product is the most reliable and expensive.Making the prosthesis takes place in several stages.Dentist making measurements.Making dentures takes place in accordance with the individual characteristics of the structure of the patient's skull.

prosthesis in the absence of a large number of teeth movable plates is the most convenient in terms of dentistry.If there is an inflammatory process in the oral cavity, the physician can easily remove the plate and treated.Using bits in this regard is less comfortable.

released today are as small removable dentures.They are usually used for cosmetic purposes.With this product, you can mask the bad teeth and restore the integrity of smiles in the absence of a few incisors.Each prosthesis is unique in its shape.Dentist doing careful measurements to dentures could sit perfectly in the mouth.

Non-removable prosthetics

This type of prosthesis is the most popular among middle-aged people.With crowns can be relatively inexpensive and quite effectively restore dentition.Prostheses look very natural.In rare cases, the naked eye can be distinguished from the crowns of healthy teeth.Removable prosthetics in the absence of a large number of teeth decides not only an aesthetic problem.It is also possible to restore the normal function of chewing.Man can easily eat solid foods.

Today there are many techniques non-removable prosthesis.And expanded the indications for this procedure.Sparing techniques can restore the dentition, even in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.Dental crowns are made available to the public.For a small fee you can install artificial limbs that will last for a long time.

partial denture

popularity lately takes partial denture teeth.What it is?Clasp - this arc.So, restoring dentition is done by an arcuate structure.This technique allows you to securely attach the prosthesis.It is very important not only when restoring dentition, but also in the treatment of periodontal disease.After using the clasp can not only fix the crown, but also to fix loose tooth.Any dentist will tell you that home incisors much better at chewing function.So the first thing is to try to keep their teeth.

Today clasp made structures that are of high quality.In the mouth, they are set so that an outside observer to see them almost impossible.It is at times improves their aesthetic appeal.Partial denture teeth in the absence of a large number of teeth - a great way out.

Cemented prostheses

choice of material for prosthetics for many people is a serious problem.After all, I want to get an attractive smile for a small cost.Popular among patients with an average level of income are metal-ceramic dentures.They are characterized by high reliability and relatively low cost.Crowns made from this material can last more than 10 years.They look attractive and natural.

significant drawback is the need for metal crowns extensive piping under the tooth prosthesis.In some cases, we have depulpirovat absolutely healthy tooth.This is done for setting the tabs to increase the density of the cutter, which is subsequently installed crown.Prosthesis in the absence of a large number of metal-ceramic crowns of the teeth are often not carried out.This technique is used when you want to restore two damaged incisor close.

It should be borne in mind that the installation of metal crowns requires a lot of patience on the part of the patient.Specialist have to visit a few times before dentition is completely restored.


Restoration of tooth structure by internal tabs called microprosthetics.This is one of the most promising directions in modern prosthetic dentistry.To restore the appearance and function of the teeth can chew without any losses.There is no need to undergo the process of grinding.Healthy cutters are absolutely not affected.Very popular today is like prosthetics in the absence of a large number of teeth.Reviews of doctors show that this technique is the most gentle and closely linked to therapeutic dentistry.

microprosthetics allows you to restore a tooth structure.In fact, this is not the prosthesis, and the restoration of the dentition.Cost of services is often impressive.The procedure requires increased attention on the part of the dentist.Materials are used only high quality.


popular today is the bridge prosthetics in the absence of a large number of teeth.Photos of patients who decided to take advantage of this service are impressive.The naked eye is difficult to distinguish from the crowns of healthy teeth.The procedure involves the installation of permanent prosthesis, which is attached to the crowns.Most often made of cermet.This type of prosthesis is relatively low.Therefore, also popular with people with average incomes.

Installation bridges is not always possible.A prerequisite is the availability of healthy teeth on either side of the structure.It is necessary to be able to secure the bridge.Abutment teeth are ground beforehand.Later they established the crown.In rare cases, the dentist has to perform the procedure depulpation.

Bridges made by the laboratory.Dentist holding preliminary measurements.In some stages it passes prosthetics (cermet).Testimonials show that the installation of bridges brings some inconvenience.Within a few days there is no chewing function.From an aesthetic point of view of the oral cavity and looks unattractive.But after the installation of the bridge crowns difficult to distinguish from healthy teeth.

the implant

This type of prosthesis is a semi-removable.Patient set root screws, which are worn implants.Such a method of prosthesis is one of the most expensive.Artificial teeth are selected the highest quality materials.If you need to perform the restoration, the implant can be easily unscrewed.

Installing screws in the mouth - it is a very painful procedure.In most cases, surgery is performed under general anesthesia.The license for the provision of such services are few dental clinics.It's one of the reasons for the high cost of conditionally removable prosthesis with implants.

Dental veneers

Installing veneers today - it's an excellent alternative to crowns and dentures.The problem is that the veneers can be attached only to the front teeth.This special ceramic or composite plates, which by means of a special solution attached to the surface of the front teeth.Such structures can be used only on the front incisors.To fit the standard posterior crowns.

veneers allow to quickly restore dentition.Fasten covers even those teeth that destroyed almost to the gums.In just one day, the patient can get an attractive smile.To distinguish from the native tooth veneers virtually impossible.It should be a relatively inexpensive prosthetics.How to choose the material for veneers, tell the doctor.Considered the most durable ceramic plates.

Testimonials on dentures

With what material is most often performed prosthetics?Metal-reviews is increasingly positive.This material is durable and inexpensive.Cermet crowns can last more than 10 years.Patients say that with such prostheses can sometimes take 20 years or more.Everything depends on the specialist who performed the work.

most natural implants, which are mounted on the screws.However, this technique is one of the expensive.To restore the entire set of teeth, have to pay more than 1000 have.e.


If you are unable to maintain a healthy smile, always come to the aid of prosthetics.Types which the prosthesis is best in a specific case, always be able to tell the doctor.The faster the restored dentition, the sooner the patient can lead a full life.After all, a beautiful smile is no substitute!