Simmental Cow - originally from Switzerland

Simmental breed cows, photo which clearly indicates the pure blood of the animals was set up in Switzerland.It is perhaps one of the oldest in the world.There is a suggestion that cows Simmental have their origin from animals obtained by crossing wild tours with torfyanikovym cattle.In the past they were called Berne.From Switzerland, these animals gradually began to export to different countries.

Today Simmental cows bred with two goals: meat and dairy and meat.In Russia, the most common second direction.

The basic color of the animals - pale or mottled yellow, less often - red and mottled.Purebred Simmental cow has a pink tongue and nasal mirror, as well as shed and ever.Typically, individuals in the height of the withers reach one hundred and forty centimeters.Simmental cows have strong bones and proportioned.They have a large head with a wide frontal part.The neck is usually longer than the average.Chest deep and wide, and the bulls are very well developed dewlap.The back and rear trunk cow Simmental wide, the sacrum is sometimes raised.The limbs are properly set.At the udder rounded shape with a large margin, the nipples have a conical or cylindrical shape.

disadvantages physique Simmental cow called experts wrong alignment of its hindquarters, sway back, as well as poor development of the front udder lobes.

With this cattle displayed several varieties, such as the Hungarian mottled red Sadovskaya, Bulgarian red, and the Slovak red-and-white.

milk yield of a cow Simmental depending on where breeding is different.The most productive is the cattle in the central Black Earth region, where milk yield of individuals listed in the stud book, give the five and a half thousand kilograms per lactation.

Rekordistkoy breed is Ryabushko-1413, which in its fourth excretion of milk gave 14,584 kilograms of fat at 3.82 percent.

widespread Simmental cows belonging to such highly productive related groups having large fat content, the lines Lord, marl, Fasadnika, Zipper, Toreador.

Currently, the largest breeding herd of breeding plant focused on the Voronezh and Ukraine in Chernihiv region, as well as in Kiev.

Calving cows Simmental is relatively easy.Calves, live weight at birth reach forty-five kilograms, can be successfully grown under different levels of nursing, and by the year they weigh three hundredweight of fat at a thickness of up to six millimeters.

costs while growing Fleckvieh calves for meat to polutoragodovalogo age reach a maximum of eight and a half feeding units.

Those who grew these animals, they know how they are obedient and teachable.Other characteristics are simmentalok their mobility, good muscle development, and disease resistance.