The Cadet Party history and the program

Constitutional Democratic Party, also called the Cadet Party, was established in 1905 and was a left over liberalism.It is also called "professorial party" for the high level of education of people included in it.Cadets offered Empire liberal values ​​and constitutional solutions that were implemented in European countries.However, in Russia, they were not in demand.

Cadet Party advocated nonviolent development of the state, parliamentary and liberalization.The program of political education was the position of the equality of all citizens, regardless of ethnicity, class, gender and religion.The Cadet Party also advocated the abolition of restrictions on the different classes and nationalities of the right to security of person, freedom of movement, conscience, speech, assembly, press and religion.

The best for Russia Cadet Party considered a parliamentary form of government based on universal suffrage with a clear and secret ballot.The democratization of local government and the extension of its powers as were those which achieved the Cadets.The party advocated the independence of the judiciary and to increase the area of ​​land plots for farmers due to the specific, state, kabinetskih and monastery lands, as well as through redemption private land of the landlords of their actual appraised value.In the list of priorities were: freedom to strike, and workers' unions, the eight-hour day, the development of industrial legislation, universal compulsory and free primary education, as well as full autonomy of Poland and Finland.Leader of Cadets PNMiliukov later in the Provisional Government became foreign minister.

In 1906, the program added a clause stating that the country should become a parliamentary and constitutional monarchy.The highest party organ is the Central Committee of the Cadets, who was elected at the congress.It is divided into Moscow and St. Petersburg offices.Petersburg CC engaged in work on the program of the party and serve a variety of bills to the Duma.At the Moscow Central Committee has been publishing work and campaigning organization.In the Central Committee was the most representatives of the bourgeoisie and intellectuals, as well as landowners with liberal views.

In 1917, occurred after the February revolution, the Cadet Party of the opposition within the ruling structure has become a political entity.Its representatives take a leading place in the Provisional Government.From the idea of ​​a constitutional monarchy party quickly moved to the slogans of democracy and a parliamentary republic.After the February revolution, this party began to actively strengthen its position among the clergy, students and intellectuals.The working class and the majority of the peasants of her position remained weak, which later became one of the reasons that the interim government could not keep long in power.

in 1921 in Paris at the party congress took it split into two groups.The new "democratic" branch was led Milyukov, and the part remained on the same positions, we headed Kaminka and Hesse.Since that time, the cadets, as a single political party, ceased to exist.