Scandal !!!

More recently, a number of sites, an article appeared on the domestic audience unfamiliar singer Yegor Turtseviche.Someone said that this is another "nominee!"rich parents or get rich wealthy man.Today you will learn the truth of show - business.

- "My story begins when I first came on the scene in his native land. Since then, he heard a loud applause and cries of crazed students, I realized that I needed a scene - or I live just can not. AfterMy first performance on many websites have terrible article where my vocal technique movements on stage just smashed our journalists. All anything, but at the time I was an awful quarrel with the former producer, and she poured oil on the fire. I did not thinkguilty, because I was only eighteen years old, and she was nearly half a century. She scared me disgraced in front of many people and drove out into the street in winter, knowing that I had nowhere to go. But I do not want to remember that the worst phase of my life. ForThen a journalist friend told me that they wanted me to sell more expensive to some richer and more money to fuck for allegedly created by super-project. I consulted with the criticism and decided to move on. I wanted to prove that I can achieve the desired.It is a pity that it was not so rosy ...

Well, I will not delve into the memories.Let me just say the most important thing.

first thing that awaited me - this offer to sleep with the producer, to become his lover.This offer is no way I could take and immediately sent it to the cultural to the devil.And the second ... Well, everybody knows - money, big money, which is hardly an ordinary person can earn in twenty years.I felt ridiculous, because I was sure that success in Moscow, it was possible to clean way.Later, my good friend Dennis told me that the path can easily block and succeed in my case, is it possible to sell your own body."Everybody does it" - he said, - "Find Me Papic that you invest in a money! And be a star. Otherwise ... go and sing in front of the restaurants ... More alcoholics and you do not shine."

It's starting to ruin my hopes, I began to take soft drugs, to drink, to live in their illusions, but my family has helped me to survive.After all, at that time I did not want to live and I decided to end it all ...

know, the world - is that in our minds and beliefs.Listen to what you can achieve success and become a star just because of the talent, voice, its uniqueness, it's very stupid, and little hope for those talents who sing in their own towns and villages, dreaming of leaving the big stage.

You can shake hands with the star, drinking coffee from a celebrity to show themselves at Eurovision, other large-scale meropriyatih..Tolko remember one thing - with all this behind your shoulders will be a huge heavy load, called mud, lust, debauchery, prostitution.If someone is willing - can dare.But not in thirty years.You must be still fresh caruncle, fresh fillets years from eighteen to twenty-three.Then hardly anyone will for you

poslednee..Ya And do not be surprised if my story will be immediately removed from all sites ... Ordinary people do not give to know the whole pravdu.Zachem?Because then people will cease to love and honor the stars, spend money to buy their albums and tickets kontsert..Delayte own conclusions .... "