Techniques and mantras wish fulfillment

Everyone wants to go desires are fulfilled as soon as possible.For that resorting to a plurality of different ways.

One of them is the mantra of wish fulfillment and a variety of meditation.We must recognize that these, at first sight, unusual for our people, the way to work.And it works very well.Perhaps this happens because of the fact that during meditation and mantras loaded human mind rests and releases the hidden forces.

to start to find out what the mantra?Someone calls them conspiracies, someone - prayers, someone - an appeal to the gods.And what is the mantra for real?In the most general sense of the mantra - is a universal word, a kind of code that helps a person to tune in harmony, love and prosperity.All mantras, including the mantra dreams, written in Sanskrit, the ancient language, which is the ancestor of most modern in Europe.

their uniqueness is that their effect has been described in the Vedas, but they work today.You can even pick up the mantra of different directions every day.What sways those who help to fulfill our plans, the most universal is here Om Lakshmi Wigan-Sri Kamala Dharigan-matchmaker.In addition, and meditation on the fulfillment of the desire of so many people are interested.

But first mantra.It is associated with the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of happiness and prosperity.Lakshmi is considered to be the wife of Vishnu, and is associated with the lotus flower sacred in many religions.Lakshmi has other names, such as: Kamala and Padma.

Considering mantra dreams, you need to allocate one: Om Namo Narayana, who also contributes to the implementation of all plans and projects.

But the greatest strength of wish fulfillment become the mantra if they practice with meditation.Here is one of the most effective.

Lie down or sit comfortably, so that nobody will disturb or distract.

Imagine that you are standing on the shore of a beautiful lake.The water is clean, quiet, calm, clear, it is like a pure mind during meditation.To the place where you stand in the water swims most beautiful of flowers.

This can be a lotus, water lilies or other flowers.You get to the center, and you shall be on the water.

Be happy being in this flower.Experience all the beauty that surrounds you.There are no problems, worries and painful thoughts.You float in the flower and suddenly notice ahead of the source of gold, or white light, which is like a lotus.You do not know what this place is, but intuitively feel that there is your assistants, custodians and protectors.You go to the flower and stretch their hands to the light source, in the hands of you appear a garland of beautiful flowers.Bring them a gift this island, thinking about his desire and its early implementation.Then from the heart thank the universe, God, who also want to swim back with the clear certainty that your wish will certainly come true.Open eyes, smile and wait for the wish will be granted.This is - a very effective technique of desire, but the most important thing in it - trust in a higher power to help you.