Export: what it is, and from what parameters it develops?

relations related to exports, are closely related to the economic sphere enterprises.Foreign economic activity is the sum of methods and means of cooperation in trade, economic, scientific and technical point of view, monetary and credit relations with foreign countries.

Export: what and participants

very important part in foreign economic activity is foreign trade (for example, Russian exports), which is defined as a business in the field of exchange of goods between countries.Companies participating FEA are separate legal entities, which have their own separate property, and may on its own behalf to acquire different types of rights, have obligations as well as to act as a plaintiff in court.

Export: what and requirements for enterprises to participate in foreign trade activities

If your organization is involved in foreign trade, it should have clearly defined objectives of which are written in the founding documents.Goals and objectives of the external economic transactions must not be contrary to what is defined by the charter or other constituent documents of the enterprise.

What features has the FEA?

  1. It is an integral part of overall economic activity.With the help of foreign trade channels provided by the sale of goods in the foreign market, which is produced in the country, supplying exports and imports at the expense of satisfying all its domestic needs.
  2. It has a very close connection with political activities in other countries and can actively cause effects on the implementation of foreign policy by using economic methods.
  3. It has significant differences with a similar work in domestic markets.

Export: what is it?

exports referred to the export of goods, works or services, intellectual property, including copyright, to the customs territories abroad without obligation to re-import.The fact of export is subject to fixing at the time when the goods cross the border.

Export: what and how the

In carrying out activities related to foreign trade, now developed a specific export policy.This includes:

- establishing clear boundaries of ideas about what the target is exported;

- development of strategies to conduct these activities, such as manufactured gas exports;

- requirements for external markets;

- available opportunities and resources at present and in the future;

- the behavior of competitors.

Export: what and components

export policy is proposed to develop strategies and guidelines for implementation of the company on the foreign market, the formation of a certain range of products, as well as the determination with which rates are updated products exported from the country, its price, quality, warranty and service.One of the most important components of export policy is that it is formed and manages the range of exported goods.The main task is to promptly exporter offers certain set of products that match the profile of its production activities, and best meets the requirements of certain categories of foreign buyers.