What is the "Red Book of Kazakhstan"?

Flora and fauna are very rich Kazakhstan.But man does fatal damage to nature.This affects primarily on animals and plants.A large number of living species is on the verge of extinction.For example, the saiga, which for forty years was considered the main game animals, though is not listed as endangered, but it has the status of a vulnerable species.At the moment to restore the saiga population in Kazakhstan the government has made great efforts and invested a lot of money.


«So what is the" Red Book of Kazakhstan "?" - You ask.This is a set of different information about the plants and animals that are on the verge of its extinction due to human intervention.

In 1948, the Commission of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) was introduced "red book of facts."To create it, it took many years of work in order to collect all the information on the endangered species of animals and plants.

species of animals and birds

All kinds of animals, which are listed in the Red Book, are divided into five categories:

  • I. Endangered Species.
  • II.Rare species.
  • III.Reduce the number of species.
  • IV.Little-studied species, t. E. Undefined.
  • V. recovery.These are species that have been successfully saved, and they are not threatened no more danger.


publication lists of the categories of the Red Book are printed on paper of different colors.Views from the first paragraph of (endangered) - on red sheets from the second (rare) - to yellow, the third (cutting) - on white, from the fourth (unspecified) - on gray, and the fifth (recovery) - on the green.

All animals of the Red Book of Kazakhstan, which threatens any danger, are under state protection.Even a country that is home to one of the species listed in this book, is obliged to protect it, and has a great responsibility to all men for the safety of the animal, which is a treasure of nature.

If in Kazakhstan disappear some species of animals or birds, they will be entered in the directory, which is called "The Red Book of Kazakhstan."Plants, which also faces imminent extinction, as recorded in this edition.This is done in order to have time to help restore endangered species.

for large animals formed a special closed nature reserves, where imported species that are threatened with extinction.This is usually males and females, they create their preferred habitat, where they begin to multiply, and thus replenish their views.

representatives of the Red Book

Here is a list of several families of animals and birds listed in the Red Book of the republic.

  • Families hawk, falcon, duck, Tsaplievye and others.
  • Hoof (gazelle, wild ass, argali, deer).
  • Prey (snow leopards, bears, cats barkhan, Man'ula).
  • rodents (beavers, marmots, jerboa).
  • Waterfowl (Brandt's hedgehog, muskrat).
  • Waterfowl (pelicans, swans, flamingos, storks).
  • steppe inhabitants (hawks, eagles, cranes, bustards).

This list is not all, to include reptiles and fish, various plants and flowers - such as peonies, crocus, Iridodiktium Kolpakovsky, Slipper real, Orchis helmet.

Red Book of Kazakhstan, unfortunately, is annually updated with new animals, plants and birds that need help in rebuilding their human species.The first lists were drawn up in 1963 by the Commission, which included scientists from around the world.Currently, there are books in many states.

Red Book of Kazakhstan was created by prominent scientist zoologist Sludskii.His works have been devoted to the protection of animals of the republic.Entering any living being in the Red Book is a very bad sign, it encourages to take appropriate measures to protect nature and its inhabitants.


Flora Kazakhstan has about six thousand plant species, not counting the five hundred who accidentally delivered.Aquatic vegetation - the poorest in the country.A lot of trees, which are on the verge of extinction.

Red Book of Kazakhstan has more than four hundred species of plants and flowers.The country created whole program for the conservation of nature and wildlife.
There is another problem that the local authorities are trying to solve.This reduction of the lists of plants, insects, birds and animals that have not been included in the Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This must be done so that future generations have the least idea of ​​the destruction of man and extinct animals.After all, as we all know, that man is to blame for these tragedies.Nature must be protected, but poachers illegally hunt animals and fish, which are already included in the Red Books of many countries.There are laws prohibiting the catch animals that are in the reserves.So think about it before committing to a particular action that is likely to harm the nature.