Proper nutrition at employment by fitness

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Probably many of you believe that the cherished slender figure hidden behind diligent training in the gym and daily debilitating starvation.It is a pity: this stereotype, firmly entrenched in the minds of many fans of fitness is not only wrong but also extremely harmful.Active training needs (no, extorts!) Of a set of energy that the body exhausted by hunger strikes are simply not able to give.

So we'll ruthlessly breaking harmful stereotypes, work on drafting a correct diet.First you need to determine the goals of violence of his body: if you want to get rid of the treacherous folds of fat, you reduce (or increase) the weight, or just to pump up muscles.

into account also need to take your workouts: if you choose to do during the day or in the morning, the power should be more than ample.Pursuing the same time in the evening, the maximum that you "light" - light dinner, or even none at all.Everything in order.

1. Option №1.Mission: to lose weight, and reducing muscle mass and subcutaneous fat.

Dining training days

If you have set a challenging goal to lose weight, try to refrain from eating 5-6 hours before class.The menu should include fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy foods and cereals on the water.Sweets are also fundamentally inconsistent with a beautiful figure, so declare them enemies and make the boycott with total disregard.During the workout, you can only drink a little water, and after it, at least three hours not to disclose the mouth edibles: roughly the time the body continues to burn more excess.Then you can eat fruits and vegetables.

Dining mezhtrenirovochnye days

this period should lean on foods rich in carbohydrates (fruits and dried fruits), vegetables, vegetable proteins.Fats and animal proteins strictly forbidden: it is not on the way with a group of Health.In the best case - 100-150 grams of protein, and then once a week.But gluten can safely absorb all the time, except for training days. 2. Option №2.Mission: to get rid of wrinkles and pump up muscles.

Dining training days

In this case, it is desirable not to eat for 5-6 hours before the workout.If the activity was in the morning, then in the following 10 hours are allowed only vegetables, a little protein meal (50-100 grams), low-fat cheese, dairy products, and the like.Well, if the workout is scheduled for the evening time, it is desirable to narrow down to a dinner of orange, apple or a cup of yogurt.Before the start of the training is more tightly eat, to how to provide the body with energy, vitamins and minerals for a difficult struggle.Eating fat will have to reduce and offset their vegetables, grains and beans.Permission is granted to mineral water and fruit juice, you can drink unlimited quantities.The total calorie content of the day should be about 50-60% of the daily norm.

Dining mezhtrenirovochnye days

Refrigerator ladies trying to lose weight should be liberally strewn with vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, low-fat dairy products, vegetable proteins.At lunch you need to absorb the lion's share of the daily requirement of fats and carbohydrates.

3. Option №3.Setting: gain weight, increase the amount of muscle and adipose tissue

This option is suitable thin girls who will soon have to lean on food, 10-20% more caloric than the body needs.There can be absolutely anything harsh scope and limitations is not provided.For breakfast, it is desirable to have a fat-rich and carbohydrate foods: for example, to meet the new day can be a sweet porridge, sandwiches, cakes, washed down with the whole thing hot chocolate, sweet cocoa with milk, juice or jelly.The dinner costs prefer proteins, rice dishes or potatoes, vegetable salad.In the evening you can make a real holiday of the stomach and appetite to pounce on cheese, honey, white bread and the like.After half an hour after a workout Sacrifice body slightly digestible carbohydrates and a half or two - cheese, cottage cheese, pork, nuts.Water, Juices (and even sweet) can be drunk in unlimited quantities.

should also discuss the philosophical question "To eat or not to eat?" After the recent sessions.If you get to the gym after 8 pm, supper, unfortunately, have to be abandoned.At other times, better support your body with food, but not earlier than after a three-hour pause after classes.Before training better withstand a two-hour hunger strike, unless you want to face the "colic in his side."If there is still desirable, it allowed a glass of kefir.

4. Option №4.Target: increase the amount of muscle, keeping body fat

Dining training days

If you are fully satisfied and figure and weight, but I would like to pay attention to the muscles of problematic areas, load your diet digestible proteins - in order to succeed, will have to eat 130-150 percent the daily norm.Breakfast better than carbohydrate-rich foods: fruits, cereals.Shortly before the start of classes (2-3 hours) allowed about 100 grams of lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs.After training (one and a half to two hours) of the desired plant proteins - beans, nuts.

Dining mezhtrenirovochnye days

Breakfast prescribed protein foods - cheese, cottage cheese;Lunch - fats and carbohydrates;Evening - vegetables and proteins.Never mix protein foods with foods that contain carbohydrate and starch: have to ask the difficult problem of choice - or meat, or garnish.And as a final note: there is no perfect strict nutritional regime that will lead you to the top of the sports Olympus.Listen to your own body and, within reasonable limits, organize it proper nutrition.I wish you health.

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