Psychology celebrities: Angelina Jolie - know yourself

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Angelina Jolie admits: "I went through a period when I felt that my heroine lived more fun than I am.This partly explains why I stopped doing tattoos or throw different extreme things in my life.

When I became an adult, began to travel and see the real suffering of those milled war or other disasters, I felt ashamed of my youth demarches.After all, their background, I was just lucky!The more I traveled, the more opportunities there are, somehow to be realized in this life.I eventually found their own way.And so I'm going to bring up children.Show them the world is open and gives you a huge number of roads.

found him, explore other cultures, looking for their. And then you will not feel trapped in a trap of their own fears and failures, or not know where to put you in the bubbling energy.People say that you are going the wrong way, when it's just your way.

In this world there are so many things that we do not report. We all need to look deeper and discover the world on their own.

I went to a war zone.And I saw so many deaths that will never be able to engage in self-destruction, take life for granted, require more or complain because of the stupid things, thinking that pain.Never again!

At first I was in absolute shock.The first two years I was constantly crying, like all normal women.Like all normal people who see all this.I could not speak properly about what they saw no disruption to tears.Then I went through a period of complete lack of hope and despair.Just I felt that I was overwhelmed with emotion and desire to help, but everything is running around so that it is impossible to correct centuries.

Then I went through a period of anger at the authorities, who can not answer the question, can not solve simple problems, because they do not care.This feeling grew and made me once again ready to leave and take the responsibility to solve the problems.Then I seriously took up the study of international law to be savvy during summits.

When I was known only as an actress, I feel myself and my life is too shallow.Then, when I became a mother, and began to work with the UN, I became really happy. Now I can die and know that doing the right thing in their lives.I changed completely. These visits transformed my outlook on the world and made me a different person.

During a trip to Afghanistan, I got off the plane, thinking that all is well.Then I got to the place and I say: "People are very angry with you.They are angry at what you are - a woman, you - an American, and you - UN goodwill ambassador.It turns out that you are - the purpose. "Therefore, I instructed, they said that everyone should record their blood group.Outside there was a guy in a bulletproof vest, he put my passport in it, because he's the only one who will pull me.I wrote a note to Brad and made sure that if something happens, he will give it.But with me if nothing had happened, but two weeks later, they really attacked the UN and killed everyone in the bunker.

I guess what Brad has learned to be a family, happiness and material well-being which comes first.I am very, very grateful for this loving family, which I would not be without it.

There was a period when Brad and I parted.We have not been apart for more than three days, ever.We are still really close.We are actually a little go somewhere.It's funny.We are notable homebody.We Mommy and Daddy in their pajamas.He is quite down to earth, funny.People know very little about him, and when he has to communicate with the people he cares about, he behaved very wisely. I met the right person, and I do not like even the thought of the existence without it.

There are moments when I want to tell my mother of your children, that they did something interesting or funny.But then I realize that she is dead. My mom brought me a sense of boundless love. Maybe I was unbearable in his youth, but I was always loving.

When you do something for others from the heart, without expecting thanks, someone there it records in the book of destinies and sends happiness, which is not even dreamed of.

never need to look for the guilty, you need to live without causing pain to anyone, not to judge other people and to be absolutely free.

I can not make jokes.I do not know why.It looks like I'm a child hit her head, and that part of my brain withered away.

I often ask others: what would you like to do in life?Judging from the responses, most do not realize their dreams.It is very sad.

I have always struggled with low self-esteem. I think all through this pass.In me a huge number of shortcomings.

week before the premiere of "In the Land of Blood and Honey," I had a breakdown.I felt the whole weight of my responsibility towards the victims of war and to all the people involved in the film.Then I asked myself, all I just.This is one of those moments in life when you're standing under the shower, crying, and no one can help.

Acting helped me when I was growing up. It made me realize who I am, gave the trip helped to understand life, express myself, all those wonderful things.I'm very, very grateful, it's a fun job.It is a delight. "

Celebrities about it

Brad Pitt:

- It is dear to my heart.She fireworks.You never know what she would say.She's the world to me.After meeting with Angie, I was reborn.

- Usually when Angie is removed, it seems like such a femme fatale, and she was good at it, but she has a huge heart, boundless spirit, tenderness and generosity.She's a wonderful woman, but she is also kind and gentle, and it makes it even more beautiful.What can I say?I'm in love and I have the most beautiful family - what else is needed?I'm a very happy man!

- I can not do anything better for children than entrust them to Angie.I think it is the most honest man in the world.

- Angelina and our children - the best company for me, and I do not want to waste a minute, communicating with those most important to me, guys.I love them very much.We are together because they complement and inspire each other.

- Angelina absolutely inspired all her work.The incredible dedication, she likes people around the world.I admire her zeal.

Clint Eastwood

«I've always admired her talent.But she's the most beautiful person in the world, and it lets her become a better actress.She was very collected, always ready for action.But the audience forget about everything when they see her face.All my actors know that with me will not have to shoot each take two hours, so we have only the best and with their cunning tricks.Working on the role Angelina is very similar to Meryl Streep.Angelina even dream of every director.It is very pleasant to me, Angelina - mother, and, moreover, is probably the most famous mother in the world today.People often due to not notice the beauty of her talent.They look at the cover of the magazine, but do not want to think about what's inside. "

Matt Damon

«When a number includes 50 cameras, so Angie went out to the playground.They Brad have amazing quality, keep all but the role when the play.She's a beauty, do good around the world, wife and mother of six children, but the main thing - she's a great actress and, above all, why such a hype around it. "

Natalie Portman

«Also, there are people in my profession, I admire that really bring some changes, such as Bono and Angelina Jolie.They are examples of those who know how to begin to live for a purpose.This is not just hype yourself.It is a complete self-giving. "

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