What is the rate of daily calories for men and women?

to always stay alert and energetic person needs fuel.This, of course, talking about food, not gasoline or coal.It should be noted that in this case, more is not always mean better, and there is even a norm of daily calories for men and women.

What is a calorie?

In physics, the word "calorie" means a unit of heat.In other words, it is an indicator of how much energy can transmit one body to another.In the case of food all very similar - each product has a specific composition and the corresponding energy value.The ratio is as follows: 1 gram of protein and carbohydrate equals 4 calories and one gram of fat - 9 calories.

The modern Homo sapiens is no urgent need to chase their prey, to be satisfied.Most people, in contrast, work on the "sit-down" position, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and food bought at the supermarket, which is located within walking distance from the house.That is why the health problems associated with being overweight, now coming to the fore, and if you continue to be expressed figuratively, the question of how much you need to fill a fuel, has become one of the most important.

Norma daily calories

For men and women the amount of energy that should come from food, somewhat different.This is primarily due to the physiological characteristics.Men who have always acted in the role of the hunter-getter, have, as a rule, more muscle mass, and its maintenance requires a lot of energy.

In addition, the amount of calories that a person can learn depends on age and genetic predisposition to be overweight or thinness (the so-called "somatic").An important factor to determine the optimal ratio of energy obtained from food and essential for life, a way of life of the individual.If during the day we have the physical exertion, the metabolism is unwound, and the body needs a lot more energy.

Calculate calories daily rate for a particular individual is difficult, but there are so-called "average" value.They meet the needs of most people, and is to focus on these numbers.

So, according to numerous scientific studies, the daily calories for men should be at:

  • 2000-2400 calories a day for sedentary lifestyle;
  • 2400-2600 calories per day at a moderately active lifestyle;
  • 2600-3200 calories a day, with the active lifestyle.

For women these figures are, respectively:

  • 1600-1800 calories;
  • 1800-2200 calories;
  • 2200-2500 calories.

right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Once installed the norm of daily calories for men and women, nutritionists noted that some people who strictly adhere to it, it is still gaining weight or feel bad.In fact, this is not surprising.For each nutrient, whether proteins, fats or carbohydrates, certain functions.Thus, the main function of fat - is the provision of nutrients, carbohydrates - energy provision, proteins - the production of enzymes, hormones and the construction of new cells.

is why should be taken into account not only the rate of daily calories for men and women, but also the qualitative composition of food intake.The diet is desirable to adhere to the following ratio: 10-15% protein, 25-30% fat, the remaining part should take carbohydrates.At the same time, depending on which set the goal (weight loss or, conversely, a set of weight) can vary the amount of consumable components.