River cruises from Perm: prices, reviews

How to connect the rest on the water, visiting cultural sites and entertainment, the affordable and comfortable rest period?There is a solution - you should choose from Perm river cruises among a variety of options to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Why choose River Cruises?

This travel option has many advantages, one felt that cruiser is their fan forever.

  • are available.You can purchase a convenient puteshestveya on the number of days without loss of vacation days on the road.River cruises from Perm - a journey that begins "from the threshold of the house."
  • This holiday complex that combines different resources.Natural factors: clean air, recreation on the water, swimming, sun treatments.Historical and cultural knowledge: sightseeing tours and visits to historical and cultural sites.Relax: music and dance programs, animation, entertainment, sporting events.
  • dynamic.The constant change of experience, familiarity with new cities and landscapes.You do not need to spend money on travel, accommodation, transport of luggage - all the benefits in the area of ​​accessibility.
  • Select the level of comfort.Modern ships, ships have everything you need on board, providing a level of comfort that is needed the traveler according to his personal needs.

price travel Kame has a significant spread, and everyone can choose the suitable travel option.

How much are the cruises?

price range for river cruises from Perm big enough and reflects the composition of services in river cruises.The most economical, night cruise on the three-deck ship "Kozma Minin" is 2200 rubles.per person.It is a night walk along the river.The longest cruise in two weeks, to the city of Astrakhan, will be priced at 23 500 rubles.per person, depending on the category selected cabin.In the summer season river cruises from Perm in 2015 are available on more than 50 routes.On any number of days and nights, you can reserve a cabin on the ship "Vladimir Mayakovsky", "Ural", "N.Gogol "," Alexander Fadeev, "" Mikhail Kutuzov ".

Cruise ship production at the reconstructed Czechoslovakia "Captain Pushkarev" will cost 32 000 rubles per person.The cruise traveler for 12 days gets an idea of ​​the famous Kama cities.The route to be acquainted with the culture of the city Tchaikovsky, Kazan, Kozmodemyansk, Nizhny Novgorod, Gorodets, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Samara, Chistopol.

can save on travel, if a tourist gets burning river cruises from Perm.This occurs when a few days remain unsold seat on the boat.This option is suitable for easy-going travelers who may one day come in the way.It is worth noting that this is not the most reliable version of quality rest.

What should pay attention to?

When choosing a cruise, in addition to personal preferences, comfort level and the route and duration of travel, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • carefully read the composition of the tour and learn more about the status of a riverboat, the types of cabins and guarantees safe travel.
  • insured for the period of travel, including special risks of traveling by river transport.
  • think of this medicine in case of a "sea" of the disease.
  • If traveling with children, you need to pay attention to the saturation level of the program and accommodation.

Buying river cruises from Perm, should focus on the availability of services on the ship.This is especially important at long journey.

Conduct in the limited space of 14 days will be more comfortable on the boat with a well-developed infrastructure of rest.You can find special programs that take into account the interests of travelers (thematic), age characteristics (youth) and vacation destinations (sightseeing, entertainment).

Reviews cruisers

According to fans, deserve the highest praise from Perm river cruises.Reviews of the journey aboard the three-deck ship "Mikhail Kutuzov" talking about more peace, which forms the command ship during the cruise.Excellent communication of high-speed Internet Wi-Fi allows you to quickly inform the society about the facts of his journey!