What is the Internet

Internet is a worldwide computer network that connects multiple local area networks and individual computers.The information that is stored in a plurality of local networks and individual computers, linked by the Internet, forms a kind of giant electronic library, access to resources for which individuals and businesses can be both paid and completely free.Now I understand what the Internet is.

amount of data stored on the Web and distributed between the computer nodes, connected by a network, so great that it is sometimes difficult to access them - this is due to the fact that the right information may simply get lost in the whole ocean of other information - necessary, usefuland absolutely useless.

To facilitate the search for the right information, there are so-called search engines (Search Engines), which use an algorithm to search through a large number of documents by keywords.In the Russian part of the Internet among search services are best known Yandex and Rambler, and Yandex provides a we

alth of additional services for webmasters, among which are the service statistics keyword, and "regular" users who can use the postal service or payment system Yandexis money - this along with other modern electronic services.

the question "What is the Internet," you can give the following answer: Internet - this is the most dynamic and rapidly growing information exchange system in history.Internet never stands still, constantly increasing the number of users.This is in no small measure contributes to the emergence of Internet access via mobile phones and today's television sets.

And when there was the Internet?How did this happen?Internet has emerged as the result of a strictly confidential survey conducted of the United States Department of Defense to develop and test methods, which would help to computer networks to survive in the event of hostilities.The very first such network was the ARPAnet, which brings together just three networks in California and the network in Utah.The union did not happen just like that, and following a certain set of rules, called IP - Interne Protocol or, in Russian, the Internet Protocol.

In the year 1972 access to the network to universities and research organizations, ARPAnet grew and became more combine for 50 universities and research organizations, which have been under contract with the Ministry of Defense of the United States.Already in 1973, the network has become international.In this network were combined in Britain and Norway.That's when the Internet appeared.

Introduced WWW, otherwise called the World Wide Web, or World Wide Web, has given a powerful impetus to further development and popularization of the Internet.Introduced at the same time, the system of hypertext documents to make travel across the expanses of the Internet fast, clear and safe.

general idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransmission through hypertext documents appeared in the sixties and was proposed by Ted Nelson, but at the time was not realized, as the level of development of computer technology then could not contribute to its implementation.That's about when the Internet appeared.

What is now meant by WWW, or rather its foundation was laid by Tim Berners-Lee at the time when he worked on the creation of hypertext, with the result that there was the very first text-based browser, which allows you to view text filesrelated to each other by hyperlinks.In 1991 he was given access to the browser and the general public, that's just outside the scientific community Browser spread very slowly.

Now that is the Internet, they know not that many, and perhaps all.When it comes to what the Internet is, as soon as we have in mind the most popular and the most common services, among which, according to the definition of the Internet, the most important are electronic mail (e-mail), searching, browsing and downloads on your computera variety of multimedia information using one of the browsers available on the market, e-commerce and communication on-line in real time.

can define the Internet or WWW, which is almost identical, and so the question is used in almost the same way as the union distributed around the world via the media, and text files, and various services so that they are available for public access.That's what the Internet is.