How do I remove the banner from the screen - the question sooner or later, each user visiting the Global Network

of the global network led to the fact that every user became available almost limitless possibilities in terms of information.It is worth noting that all the good that carries the Internet, it is very often accompanied by weight of the negative aspects presented yield unreliable information leak of personal data, Internet fraud, and similar factors, the effect of which often causes the user damage, both moral andmaterial.Today I want to talk about such troubles as the ad units distributed in the form of banners, blocking access to some programs, online resources, and even computers in general.Perhaps the question of how to remove the banner from the screen, puzzled every Internet user.What is it, how to remove the banner from the computer, and how to avoid annoying windows and the loss of funding will be discussed below.

So what is the banner ads that appear on top of other windows and preventing normal operation, what the purpose of their creators and distributors?Sponsored windows - this is one of t

he tools by which the online fraud and extortion of money from the wallets of respectable users.Maybe someone the word "extortion" seem too exaggerated certain actions of Internet fraud, but if you remember that banners need to send an SMS to a certain number of additional charge for its closure, then this feature is fully justified.Keep in mind that the sole purpose of the banner, block access to any program or computer as a whole, is receiving money, no matter what has been written and shown in the ad unit.How to remove the banner from the screen - the question arises every user whose access to the normal performance of functions of a PC is blocked.Many in a fit of meeting the demands placed on a banner, send sms ... It is worth noting that these actions do not lead to any result either, except for the loss of funds in 99% of cases.At its core, banners, blocking access to the functions of a computer are computer viruses, the creators of which will be to extort money from the user as long as he is willing to give them.To understand how to remove the banner from the screen, you need to learn a simple rule: never give in to the entreaties and demands scams, in whatever form they were not communicated to the user.

imagine a situation.Surf the Internet, the user is suddenly confronted with the fact that a significant portion of the workspace is suddenly closed banner that bears the any information.This data can be as advertising and other information, often carry the (seemingly) any threat.Attempts to push the close button not lead to the disappearance of the message, and cause a new window with an offer to send an SMS to a short number, it is very often the cost of the guaranteed small SMS.What the user how to remove the banner from the screen and continue to work?You can go two ways - send sms and lose large amounts of money (much more than the guaranteed requirement to send), which do not recommended, or to resort to special software that allows access to unlock the computer.

Almost all well-known companies that produce anti-virus software provides the ability to remove the banner with the help of special modules developed specifically for this purpose.Among the most effective means users report products provided by such developers as Dr.Web (Dr.Web CureIt!), And Kaspersky Lab (Kaspersky free service release).

hope that the question how to remove the banner from the screen, will not lead to rash decisions and takes a minimum of time!