Free Economic Society: objectives and the establishment of

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In 1765 the Decree of Her Imperial Majesty Catherine II was formed by the oldest public organization - the Free Economic Society.It was independent from the Government, it is because the Free and named.The special status and rights organizations confirm each successor Catherine II at his accession to the throne.And even more than that, quite often the Free Economic Society received considerable sums from the Treasury to implement their ideas.

purpose of the Free Economic Society

At the source of formation of the organization was a group of courtiers, representing the interests of the liberal nobles and scholars headed by MV Lomonosov.At the time, these people are very advanced revolutionary ideas:

  1. development of monetary economy.
  2. Industrial production growth.
  3. abolition of serfdom.

However, Elizabeth, right then, did not support them.Catherine II was only allowed to start the project and strongly encouraged him.Free Economic Society openly declared the primacy of the interests of the state, which should be developed, based on the efficiency of economic activities.


And back in 1765, finally adopted the Charter of the organization.The establishment of the Free Economic Society contributed to the solution of problems of "embroadening national welfare in the state by bringing in a better economic condition."The first step was a competition among 160 experts from various states.The main topic was the distribution of land rights holders, to bring the maximum benefit of their country.

basic services to the Empire IVEO

Create Free Economic Society was of great importance for the state.Among the achievements of the organization as to the reigning dynasty and the people of the country should be noted:

  1. Initiation abolition of serfdom.
  2. universal primary education.
  3. Started statistical committees.
  4. laying the first cheese factory.
  5. dissemination and promotion of new species and varieties of various cultivated plants (particularly potatoes, etc).

Publishing and outreach

their works to intensify agricultural production, increase the industrial might of the state and many other subjects members of the organization have to transmit to the broadest possible masses of the population.Free Economic Society of Russia uttered by both monographs and periodicals.Library organization comprised of nearly two hundred thousand books, a collection Zemsky publications had more than forty thousand copies of pamphlets and books.At various times, members of the Society were such big thinkers of the Russian Empire as IF Kruzenshtern, AMButlerov, GR Derzhavin, DI Mendeleev, NV Vereshchagin, Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky, Dokuchaev, A. and L. Euler, Stroganov, VG Korolenko, Tolstoy, and AA sledge AN Senyavin and many others.

contribution to the country's defense

First World War forced to mobilize all that was in the Russian Empire.Do not stay aside and the Free Economic Society.Its structure was established in Moscow, a special unit for the needs of troops - Voentorg.Its task was to ensure officers who were directly involved in the fighting, a variety of goods at reduced prices.

Collapse and Revival

Activities IEVO structures was severely undermined by World War II and the subsequent revolutions.And after the events of 1917, the organization of Russian economists had ceased to exist.Resume work only after many years.In the seventies of the last century, the restoration of the public association of leading economists.At this time again there was a need to improve the economic activity of the state.It was then that economists have organized their own organization - NEO.The newly formed community to honor the work across the country.Already in the late eighties was the transformation of NEO.It became known as the "All-Union Economic Community."

modern activity VEO

In the early nineties there was a significant event.Organization of Russian economists once again regained its former historical name.Now it has become known as the Free Economic Society of Russia.A great contribution to the restoration of the organization did Professor Popov.Today VEO operates in every region of Russia.In this organization employing thousands of scientists and different experts.VEO aims to use historical experience to perform a major role in the understanding of the problems faced by the national economy.The organization intended to lift the Russian business.This large army of economists, administrators must find a new approach to solving the pressing economic problems of the country.

Research Organization is the major scientific programs.The most famous of them:

  1. "Russia and the XXI Century".
  2. development of female business.
  3. study problems related to issues of national and economic security.
  4. Programs associated with the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

modern editions VEO

organization in Russia again began to produce "scientific work".During the first three years of operations it was published 4 volumes are devoted to the most urgent problems of the domestic economy.The "scientific" articles are printed the most famous economists of Russia.VEO also issued:

  1. Analytical and informational publications.
  2. "Economic Herald Russia."
  3. Monthly "Past history and experience of management."

Renaissance parades

With the vigorous activity of HEO was restored the tradition of holding various national competitions.The Moscow City Government and the Free Economic Society in the late 90s conducted shows, which were attended by young scientists, a lot of students and pupils.It considered two themes: "Russia and the beginning of the XXI century" and "Moscow - the basis of economic development."Being a member of the International Union, which united workers of economic sectors, HEO performs the work to improve the country's integration ties in the existing system.

Development VEO

Among the numerous works especially are several:

  1. employment, the problem of unemployment.
  2. Investments, finances and the possibility of financial investments.
  3. Further improvement of the banking system.
  4. Caspian Sea: the problem, the choice of directions and priority decisions.
  5. environmental problems.
  6. boost economic growth.

All proposed work VEO supports and endorses the President and the Government of the Russian Federation.