Summary Chekhov "overdone."

APChekhov "overdone" written in 1876.Like all the stories of the early period this stands lighthearted humor and a deep hidden meaning.Anton Pavlovich despised any "shortcuts" and his contemporaries did not understand the commitment to any ideas.Therefore, the writer more often in his work appealed to the "simple" events, the ordinary people, the people's life unadorned and speculation.The story "overdo" at first glance, nothing special, but if you look closely, you can see a lot of problems, taken from Russian reality.

Description poverty Russian villages

rotten to the station arrives surveyor Gleb Smirnov - this is what the story summary.Chekhov "overdone" written with obvious sarcasm, the writer shows the poverty of the peasants, and even the station name speaks for itself - everywhere reigns rot and ruin.Land surveyor summoned to surveying the general laughter.A man is to travel about 40 miles, but the gendarme station can not find him a post-horses.Smirnov can only appeal to local peasants, who for a modest fee may bring it to the destination.

Gleb Gavrilovich do manage to reach an agreement with one of the peasants.Speckled, silent, burly, dressed in rags - that describes the charioteer summary.Chekhov "overdone it" wrote to show not only the poverty of ordinary peasants, but the way they behave.The horse was a peasant, though young, but very thin, the cart moved with just four lashes, which once again underlines Russian natural sluggishness and laziness.

excessive cowardice surveyor

the cart hit the road in the evening, when it was getting dark.Smirnov saw on the one hand some dark haystacks, with another - a frozen plain, and all the closed front a huge spin Klima.Land surveying was scared, because to the driver he did not know, on the ground the night falls, and they just go together in an unknown direction.Gleb Gavrilovich tried to talk with man, and began to question him about the robbers, but Klim was laconic.Smirnova such behavior alerted, and he began to fib, he has a gun, which he promptly seize in case of attack - this is what the story summary.

Chekhov "overdone it" wrote to show the slave mentality of the peasants, because Klim never for a moment doubted that his companion has a gun.When a cart drove into the woods, Smirnov was very frightened, he began to be brave, to say that he was going another four fellow that he is not even off to fight with the robbers.The driver was impressed to meet a land surveyor with three robbers story.Chekhov "overdone it" wrote to show how long farmers will depart from serfdom.

Unexpected outcome

dark forest undergrowth and restless gaze intimidated the driver and surveyor, he began to rummage through his pockets, pretending to be looking for the gun.Here is Klim broke down and jumped off the wagon on the go.The fact that the farmer out of the bushes and asked the gentleman take a cart and the horse, just do not kill him, says summary.Chekhov "overdone it" wrote to tell about blind obedience to the villagers.Klim in the form of a healthy man, but his head did not come to defend, without hesitation, he left his last belongings and fled.

only two hours hoarse surveyor dokrichatsya cab and persuaded to continue.Klim only muttered that if he had known that it happened, you would not go for any money, because a gentleman scared him to death.