Institute for Noble Maidens.

Many people mistakenly believe that such institutions as the Institute for Noble Maidens, have sunk into oblivion.In fact, these apartments and still carry out training activities in different countries.Unfortunately, in Russia, these institutions have ceased to exist.But in the past in our country it was considered the highest honor to receive this kind of education.In this article you can learn the history of the first in Russia, the female institution.And find out what life prospects opening up before it graduates.Foreign


Institute for Noble Maidens are actually schools for women of a private nature.In these training establishments primarily aimed at improving the social and cultural activities.As the name implies, this institution has no significant differences from the normal school.And its main goal - is the completion of education.The tutorial in the boarding houses of this type is mainly 2 types: reinforced and annual.The most famous country with its history in a number of private educational institutions for women - is, of course, Switzerland.It was educated Princess of Wales.She graduated from the Institute of AlpinVidemanette.Unfortunately, today it is closed.Also had considerable popularity School MonFertile - in it for some time been studying the Duchess of Cornwall.And, of course, can not say about the pension VillaMontChoisi.Through this institution, Switzerland received great izvestnost.Odnako at the end of the 90s the Institute was closed.

Facts Russian history

initially in our country could be educated only by men.But that all changed when the first Institute for Noble Maidens.The history of its creation dates back to the distant 1764.This event occurred due to the project President of the Academy of Arts Ivan Betskova.Later he became a trustee of the institution.In addition, after the opening of the guesthouse it was adopted a decree "On the education of girls of noble origin in the Sunday monastery."This school is located in St. Petersburg.This order, together with the Charter was sent to places all over the Russian Empire.In principle, one can say that education in the hostel is not very different from today in modern schools.The girls of noble blood were taken there at the age of 6.The term of study was 12 years and was divided into 4 time periods.Get knowledge of the Institute may at the same time nearly 200 pupils.After the formation of the 6 most outstanding students received a special badge of honor - a monogram, made of gold and having engraved with the initials of the Empress.The base of the Smolny Institute for Noble Maidens given the opportunity to receive general education and learn the secrets of economics girls of other classes (except the serfs).

guarantee employment

Institute for Noble Maidens learning process conducted in accordance with the approved educational program.With this student had a great chance in the future to serve in the court.Preparatory plan was drawn up with the assistance of the trustee institution and included the study of subjects such as math, foreign languages, geography, literature, history and the law of God.In addition, girls were taught the basics of drawing, needlework and home economics.Not paid attention to the development of musical abilities.To a student can fully get them the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in the state institutions included 29 teachers.

Charter agencies

Institute for Noble Maidens were particularly rigorous education.All the girls meet strict schedule.Meet with native pupils could only on weekends and holidays.However, their communication was only in the presence of the headmistress.Say goodbye to the student board could only upon reaching the age of 18.And even the demand of the family could not influence the decision.Upon completion of training, many pupils remained at the Institute and worked classy ladies.Those girls who have been educated in the burger department institutions were more likely to later become governesses.Initially, the school was located in the noble maidens monastery.But later it was erected a special building.

The reforms

After the death of Empress female institutions began to control the wife of Paul I. She led them for 32 years and during this period managed to change a lot.In particular, the learning period has been reduced to nine years.Age groups have only 3 and they, in turn, divided into an excellent student, "horoshistok" and laggards.The duration of each lesson was be 2 hours.The culmination of six months of training had midterms, the end of the year was marked by the final inspection.The changes were made and the age limit admission to the Institute.So, girls of noble origin began to take to the guesthouse from 8-9 years and only 11-12 meschanok.And this was due to the fact that their period of study was limited to 6 years.It changed and the orientation of teaching.If, during the reign of Catherine the girls were taught the ladies, when Maria Feodorovna them more prepared to "post" their wives.

new Pension

In 1802, at the initiative of the mother of Alexander I opened an additional Institute for Noble Maidens.Moscow has become his home.The difference of this institution lay in the fact that the training taken mainly noblewoman from poor families.But over time, based on it it was created philistine office and for other classes.The curriculum of this institution is not much different with the previous syllabus institutions.It also taught God's law, foreign languages, history and geography.It was further introduced physics.Do not forget about the creative development.However, the schedule was much stricter.Pupils establishments rose at 6 am and were engaged to 8 pm with short breaks.Moscow Institute for Noble Maidens was named in honor of Catherine.The building in which it is located, originally belonged to the Count Saltykov.However, in 1777 his property was confiscated and its territory opened nursing home.When it was decided to create a school, the architect Domenico Gilardi rebuilt this building.