Decoupage on wood - surround yourself with exclusive things

decorating your home, creating elegant things for free, many will sooner or later pay attention to the decoration of various products in the technique of decoupage.This method of giving the usual things new life is becoming increasingly popular, more and more skilled workers are beginning to search for the required glue, acrylic paint and paint brushes.

One of the most convenient materials for decoupage tree has long been recognized.Even if you want to decorate the bottle, carton or earthenware bowl, try to start the decoupage on wood.Master class on the technique, many prefer to give just on the above material, because it is best to fill his hand.

So, to decoupage on wood turned on the first try, you need to prepare in advance.First, select a basis - wooden surface you want to decorate.It can be a photo frame, jewelry box, a chair or a table.Also, you will need some preparation materials: a primer for wood surfaces, sandpaper, putty, glue.If you selected the foundation - a raw, rough surface, then before making decoupage on wood, it must be polished with fine sandpaper.The basis impregnated must be sanded to improve the adhesion of materials.After treatment, the surface should be primed and covered with a layer of acrylic paint.

After drying the prepared base before embarking on the main stage, you must carefully examine her.You can not do decoupage on wood, which have swollen or flaking paint.In this case, the surface must be completely clean by using a special grinder or solvent.Then it is necessary to re-polish and primed.

In addition to these materials, to work need maskhetiny (steel thin plate with a wooden handle), masking tape, sharp scissors, a blade or a special knife with a rotating blade, a few brushes, cloths plot pictures, acrylic paint, paint, glue,small rollers or just a soft, clean cloth.You agree that most of the materials that are needed, you can find homes each family, so everyone can try to work in decoupage technique.Master class on a tree can be found easily.

Thus, the finished machined surface of the stick cut tissue with the necessary drawings.To work, you can use the PVA office or a special decoupage glue.Of course, the latter is easier to work, but you can use any version of the sample, as long as the adhesive was not thick and lay on the surface evenly.

In order to decorate the product can be used taped motive is necessary to cover with several layers of polyurethane or acrylic lacquer, making decoupage on wood becomes more resistant.All the necessary details, which Needlewoman want to complement the resulting picture can be to finish with acrylic paints.

In addition, by using decoupage can be artificially sostarivayut surface to give a golden plaque worn or grid of small cracks, cover the surface of the shiny or matte varnish, achieving the desired effect.