Comparative characteristics of Onegin and Pechorin.

Eugene Onegin and Pechorin - characters of different works of two famous classics of Russian literature - Pushkin and Lermontov.First he worked on the novel for more than seven years.His work Pushkin himself called "exploit" - of all his works only "Boris Godunov" was awarded this epithet.Lermontov's famous novel "A Hero of Our Time" was written for two years and was first published in St. Petersburg.Later in the article is a comparison between Onegin and Pechorin, showing traits that bind and distinguish them.

of Pushkin.Short description

work on the novel Alexander started in Chisinau, in 1823, the year.Pushkin while in exile.In the course of the narrative can be seen that the author refused to use Romanticism as the main creative method.

"Eugene Onegin" - a realistic novel in verse.It was assumed that the product will initially include the nine chapters.However, later Pushkin several reworked structure of the novel, leaving him only eight.Deleted was the head of the journey of the protagonist - it became the annex to the main story.In addition, it has been withdrawn from the structure of the novel description Onegin vision of military settlements near Odessa Wharf and quite pronounced judgments and comments.Leave this chapter for Pushkin was quite dangerous - for these revolutionary views he could be arrested.

"hero of our time."Short description

Lermontov began work on the product in 1838, the year.His novel includes several parts.While reading, you can see that in the chronology of the narrative is broken.This artistic technique author used for several reasons.The main product of this structure shows the main character - Pechorin - first through the eyes of Maxim Maksimych.Then, the reader is presented the inner world of the character of his diary entries.

Brief comparative characteristics of Onegin and Pechorin

Both characters represent the capital of the aristocracy.Heroes received an excellent education and upbringing.Their level of intelligence higher than the average level of the people around them.Characters shares for ten years, but every one of them - a representative of his era.Life Onegin runs in the twenties, the action of the novel takes place in Lermontov the 30s of the 19th century.The first is under the influence of the freedom of ideas in a heyday of progressive social movements.Pechorin lives during fierce political reactions to the activities of the Decembrists.And if the first could still join the rebels and find the target, thus giving the meaning of own existence, then the second character of such a possibility was not there.Already this suggests more tragic character of Lermontov.

main features of the character of the novel "A Hero of Our Time"

image Grigory Pechorin was one of the artistic discoveries of Lermontov.This hero epohalen mainly because in the image of its features have been expressed that posledekabristskoy era.Outwardly, this period is characterized only loss, severe reactions.Inside it was accomplished active, uninterrupted, deaf and silent operation.

must be said that Pechorin - a rather ordinary person, everything in it is controversial.For example, the hero can complain about the draft, and after a while jumping on the enemy with his sword unsheathed.Maxim Maximovich spoke of him as a man capable of transferring the complexity of nomadic life, to change the climate.Gregory was slender, its growth has been average, with a strong physique thin mill and broad shoulders.According to Maxim Maksimych essence Pechorin was not defeated any depravity of the capital, nor mental anguish.

What do the characters?

comparing Onegin and Pechorin should start with an analysis of the character traits of heroes.Both characters are very critical towards people and life.Realizing emptiness and monotony of their existence, they show dissatisfaction.They oppress the surrounding situation and people steeped in slander and malice, envy.

Disappointed in society, the characters fall into melancholy, are beginning to get bored.Onegin to meet their spiritual needs is trying to start writing.But he quickly tires "hard work."Reading also briefly fascinated him.

Pechorin also quite tired quickly of any case before it started.However, hitting the Caucasus, Gregory still hopes that the bullets would not be the place for boredom.But military action, he gets used very quickly.Lermontov bored with the character and love of adventure.This can be seen in relation to Mary Pechorin and Bela.Having love Gregory quickly loses interest in the ladies.

What else similarities Onegin and Pechorin?Both characters are selfish by nature.They are not considered with any feelings or opinions with other people.

relationship with the surrounding characters

not want to be deprived of liberty, rejects Onegin Tatiana's feelings.Feeling his superiority over people in general, he accepts the challenge of Lensky in a duel and kill each other.Pechorin brings misery virtually everyone who surrounds him or found.So, he kills Grushnitski saddens deeply Maxim Maksimych destroys the life of Faith, Mary, Bela.Gregory woos women and love, following only wish to entertain themselves.Dispel the boredom, he quickly loses interest in him.Pechorin tough enough.It is its quality is evident even in relation to the patient Mary, he tells her that he loved her ever, and only laughed at her.

most striking features of the characters

Comparative characteristics of Onegin and Pechorin would be incomplete without a mention of self-criticism heroes.First plagued by remorse after a duel with Lensky.Onegin can not stay in a place where there was a tragedy, it throws everything and starts to wander around the world.

hero of the novel Lermontov acknowledges that caused his whole life a lot of grief people.But, despite this understanding, Pechorin is not going to change themselves and their behavior.And self-critical Gregory brings relief to anyone - neither himself nor others.Such an attitude towards life itself, people portrays him as "a moral cripple."

Despite differences Onegin and Pechorin, they both have a lot in common.Particularly pronounced in the ability of each of them perfectly understand people.Both characters are good psychologists.So, Onegin Tatyana allocated immediately at the first meeting.Of all the representatives of the landed gentry Eugene converged only with Lensky.The hero Lermontov also correctly judge the people who found him in the way.Pechorin gives quite apt and exact characteristics of the surrounding.In addition, Gregory knows perfectly the psychology of women, can easily predict the behavior of ladies and, using this, wins their love.

Comparative characteristics of Onegin and Pechorin allows you to see the true state of the inner worlds of the characters.In particular, in spite of all the misfortunes that each of them has caused the people they both are able to sense light.

Love in the lives of the characters

Realizing his love for Tatyana, Onegin is ready for everything in order just to see her.Lermontov's hero who went immediately after catches Faith.Pechorin, do not overtake lover, falls in the middle of the way and crying like a baby.Pushkin noble hero.Onegin and Tatiana honest and did not think to use her inexperience.This Lermontov's hero is the direct opposite.Pechorin appears immoral person, a man for whom the people around him - just toys.

ideals and values ​​

Comparative characteristics of Onegin and Pechorin is primarily a comparison of the inner world of each character.Analysis of their behavior allows us to understand the motivation of those or other actions.Thus, for example, is different from the characters related to the duel.Onegin eve fast asleep.He does not accept the duel seriously.However, after the death of Lensky Eugene in terror and remorse.

Lermontov's hero, on the contrary, the night before the duel with Grushnitsky sleeps.Gregory deep in thought, he thinks about the purpose of its existence.This Petchorin quite coolly kills Grushnitsky.He quietly left the dueling ground, bowed politely.

Why Pechorin and Onegin - "superfluous men"?

Society rather negative attitude to the characters.Surrounding could not understand the behavior of the characters.The views, the views and opinions of Onegin and Pechorin did not coincide with the generally accepted, therefore, be perceived with hostility.Both characters feel the loneliness in the light of, among the crowd, the sense of superiority of these young people.The images of Onegin and Pechorin authors protested against the infamies and mustiness high society of the time, depriving people goals, forcing to waste their strength, not finding any use of their abilities or skills.