How leveling concrete floors: some tips

When infused into a new apartment or simply do repair an existing one, it would be desirable that the floor was also in order.But to lay parquet, linoleum or laminate must be strictly horizontal base.And then the question arises: how to align concrete floors?It is quite possible to do it yourself, so you can save money, while at the same time you do not need special skills.You will be enough to see at least once before, such as the work carried out by.

If we talk about how to align the concrete floors, it is worth noting that begins any work with the marking.It should find the highest point of the floor.This is done using hydraulic level, a good pinch, cups or chocks of different heights.The two men first pull a cord diagonally from corner to corner, and the third level only touches to this cord by inserting it horizontally.All the bumps on the floor should be below this column.When you have reached the goal, in the center of the floor is exposed beacon, chock selected the desired height, and in the corners of the room are placed marks on the walls in places where the power cord.The second diagonal need to build in the same way.

Talking about how to level concrete floors, it should be noted that the highest hills are usually found in the corners of the room, and where the seams are.If the difference in height is large enough, it is necessary to estimate, it might be better to cut down the high hill, than to carry cement fill almost the entire room.

Analyzing how to properly align the concrete floor, it is necessary to hold on labels from the string line markings.This line can be raised to the same height, depending on the roughness and lowering it can not be, because the central tracker has been exposed at the highest point.We must now push the cord along the lines of the walls, to put on the floor of the room more beacons.The distance between them should be 70 centimeters.It is several times to check the accuracy of their billing to avoid the formation of new irregularities.To do this, pull the cord should be wall to wall in all directions.Marks on the walls should be level with the height of beacons.

understand further how leveling concrete floors.The next step is to start pouring.Prior to this, be sure to cover the floor ground.Ties can be used for conventional grout, however it is recommended to use a special blend.The density of the solution should be adjusted depending on how thick will be cemented.Here the principle is very simple - the thicker the plate, the thicker should be the solution.Installation of concrete floors should be done as carefully as possible, uniformly filling the space of the solution.This screed must pass exactly exposed beacons.The surface should be aligned wooden slats very accurately.When the tie a little grab, beacons want to remove, and in their place pour the solution.The surface must harden well, so do not need to go over it ahead of time.

Now you know how to align the concrete floors.