Learn how to determine the nature of human eye color.

ability to recognize people by nature, customs, health covers many aspects, psychological and physiological.Wiz manner of speech, gestures, gait and facial features.In addition, many preferred a man can tell the color of clothing.However, it is believed that the most objective information about a person able to give his eyes that are not in vain considered to be a mirror of the soul.

If you are going to study the physiognomy, begin to study the person's face with the eyes, it is no secret that most of the information is perceived by the human eye, and then determine the nature of human eye color is a logical aspiration.

Also, from ancient times, we know that you need to protect your eyes from the sight of unfriendly person.Psychics our time are also advised to wear dark glasses in order to protect themselves from negative energy.Astrologers, in turn, believe that the eye color palette contains all the planets of the horoscope of birth, ie,This information may reveal the preferences and inclinations of man.Modern scientific studies have also confirmed the importance of the study of human nature in the eyes, because each person has a unique color.Thus, eye color and character - things are interrelated.

So characteristic of human eye color next.

black eyes.

People with black eyes distinguished strong energy, in addition, they are often very cruel, initiative.The slopes have a restless character.Black Eye says that a person passionate and loving.It was also noted that such people are not afraid of obstacles, which are found on their way to the desired object.One way or another, but the obsession inherent in them can bring joy in victory and defeat.

brown eyes.

Next, brown eyes.Consider the nature of human eye color.People with such eyes are endowed with attractive and sensual, very witty and very temperamental.Speaking of the holders of brown eyes, we can not say that they are often quick-tempered, although the offense briefly stored in memory.Eyed representatives rather capricious.According to astrologers, people with dark brown eyes easily come into contact with people who are different sociability.People with brown eyes peculiar amorous, although how quickly light up someone as fast and cool.

now define what a person's character by the color of the eyes, if they blue?

blue eyes corresponds to Venus, so people with such eyes are very romantic, emotional and sensual.Blue-eyed representatives go into the feelings of his head, able to captivate your partner a passionate impulse of feeling.It is impossible to predict the likely course of their thoughts.Such people are distinguished justice, for which they are willing to sacrifice to its detriment.Owners blue eyes differ truthfulness.But there are also disadvantage - they are very proud and arrogant, they are not always able to understand someone else's problem.They are often surrounded by conflict.Often rush things.

Next, it's time to consider what the nature of human eye color if they are green?

People with green eyes very gentle, sincere love, love selflessly and passionately, in a relationship characterized by fidelity.These knights, perhaps, the most endowed with green eyes.Representatives green eyes are reliable and kindness, so their friends very respected.And the enemies do not like their integrity and fortitude.Anyway, people with green eyes know how to listen, they are wonderful companion.In addition, the green-eyed representatives are stable, they are inherent in the imagination.They make excellent leaders.