12 Tips to Motivate Yourself

frequently to achieve the goal we miss the simple motivation.Intellectually, we all kind of understand, but the hand did not reach case.Well, if you have a friend who can help you at the right time, and if not, then read, what are the ways to motivate yourself and choose one or more to put them into practice.

1. Positive attitude

most important thing is motivation - be it positive.Sometimes it is quite easy, and sometimes you need to work on yourself.Positive person is always easier to start acting, easier to endure the hardships of life, it is easier to make friends and relationships.If you want to be motivated, you always hope for the best, or why all this?Why do you motivate yourself if you are pessimistic?It's better to just close the browser page.

2. Find a deal like

Find your favorite cause and deal with it.Any income you get or not, whether you do it on the weekends, or turned into the mainstream.The fact of the soul - a kind of an outlet, something that you do just for yourself, something that will give you joy.Favorite thing gives a very high motivation, they say, first you find your way, and then he finds you.

3. Switch

Even when you have a favorite thing, and you do it successfully, there are periods when there is no motivation.What to do in such cases?You need to switch.You cooked for too long in one subject.Best vacation - this is a change of activity.You need to switch to something else.Mental stress on the physical change, the scope of blogging to study the change in sales or business.

4. Simplify your life

Remove any superfluous and unnecessary.In your life, there are true and imposed target.Your task is to remove all contrived and imposed by society.Previously, you say, it was important to have a status in society, it needs to have been successful.Indicators of success - it is a "good" office work, a new car, your own apartment, with a good status husband's career.But it was not for you need the most, and for show, just important that you think about the others.But more important than the harmony of the soul and mind.Well, when the day is filled with meaning and that is enough.There are hopes and plans for the future - and it's worth a lot.

5. Exercise

This board for ages, and it is useful in any area.Have you ever noticed that the manual workers come home much happier than knowledge workers?It's all about physical activity.When you exercise, then your body produces happiness hormones - endorphins.If you feel that you drove depression, and you do not want to do anything, you begin to engage in jogging, sign up to the gym, buy a ticket to the pool.

6. Watch movies motivating

Cinema occupies in our lives significant place.This built the whole industry, so why not benefit from it its favor?Find and watch inspirational movies.After these films you feel emotional lift, and you have good mood, you may even want to do something useful.In the movie "The Secret" one lady told me how to cure cancer with the help of comedies and display a positive attitude towards life.Everyone has their own such films, but there are some that are popular with many.For example: "Click.With remote control for life, "" What Dreams May Come "," Knockin 'on Heaven "," Peaceful Warrior. "

7. Eat right

Oddly, but also depends on the power your motivation.From power depends on your health and hence productivity.Drink plenty of pure water, eat more fruits and vegetables, do some cleaning of the body, and you do not have to spend money on doctors and medicines.

8. Stop being a zombie

To increase motivation - it ceases to be a zombie.Cease to be like everyone else and do whatever takes your energy.It is useless to viewing television, reading the tabloids, complaints to life, criticism and condemnation of others.If you want to motivate yourself, then remove all unnecessary and distracting, sometimes it's better just to sit in silence and think about life.

9. The Butterfly Effect

Actions motivate you to even greater action.Make a small movement on the path to your dream.Just a small thing.Then a couple of the small actions, and you will notice that your attitude has changed.Events began to happen, push you to dream, it is like a sign from the universe.As one stroke butterfly can start a hurricane and one motion a chain of events occurs leading you to success.Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

10. Give yourself the indulgence

For his motivation allow yourself to mistakes and failures.Tell me, now you can step on a rake and make mistakes.Not bad results, because any result can be considered positive.After you've tried and learned something.You've got the experience, and it is most valuable.Many people are so afraid of making a mistake and did not cope that do not even want to start.How can you motivate yourself for real, if all the time afraid of failure?

11. Engage in self-development

spiritual development in recent years is gaining immense popularity.Each of us is committed to spirituality, everyone wants to make it something else, something important and having a higher meaning.To motivate yourself engaged in your spiritual self-improvement.How to do it?Read helpful and inspirational books on personal growth, sign up for courses and training, looking for a mentor, or just chat with like-minded people.

12. Be closer to nature

happens in nature is always helpful.This is also a universal advice for all occasions.So we feel unity with Mother Nature, we feel part of the universe, we see harmony and beauty of the world.You can go to the river to swim or have a picnic, go to the village, walk in the woods, becoming an avid traveler.Nature heals our soul, communicating in nature, we seem to be updated.

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