How to overcome the fear of death or the science right to die

Before we talk about how to overcome the fear of death, ask another question.Are there people who are not afraid of death?Most doctors "ambulance", who often watched the last moments of the dying, will say that these people do not have, and are wrong.Just very few of them.

Many may have heard the story of one of the doctors of "first", which came to an elderly priest, dies of a heart attack.The patient was absolutely calm, in contrast to the people around him, asking questions to doctors that they are not tired, not hungry there.Even I asked wife to feed them.He knew he was dying, it was the last minute of his life, but he was more worried about the people who are here in this world!Surprisingly?

for us - yes.For him - not at all, because he was ready to die.And it took quite the way most people perceive.

And how death should be seen, not to be afraid of her?

People are divided into believers and atheists.This, of course, arbitrary, to try to answer these questions.Characteristically, tips on how to overcome the fear of death, and believers and atheists give very similar.All theories (both psychological and spiritual) offer often think about it, do not be afraid to talk about it.However, psychologists advise the same for all phobias.It is necessary to meet fear.How to overcome fear of heights, for example, or dark?Psychologists say a parachute jump or spend a few hours in a dark room.

But a parachute jump may be easier than to look into the eyes of death.But many psychics claim that, often thinking about death, we attract it.Of course, every person instinctively tries to avoid the possible conversations and even not to think about.So who is right and how to overcome the fear of death?

How is it possible, on the one hand, to think about death, prepare for it, not to be afraid, but on the other - do not pull her bony?Can.It is important to approach this calmly, without neurotic fear and pessimism.

But be sure to recognize the inevitability of death as the beginning of a new life or rebirth.This, of course, is not a mortal body, but the spiritual beginning.If you prepare for death as a transition time imperishable spirit, and life will sparkle with new paint, and death will be afraid to come closer.

After Death walks next to each of us, it is like a virus: while the body healthy and the immune system in order - the virus will not stick.While the soul is healthy, death will come.But whether the soul is healthy ...

Still, how to overcome the fear of death?

We must try to penetrate deeply into the idea that people - it is not only the mortal body, when it is destroyed - will remain unconscious.It's not a matter of belief or theory mentality.It should be every cell feel the reality of this belief.This can be achieved with deep mystical feelings through meditation, prayer, serious spiritual work.

Only in this way can really feel that the body - this is only the form in which the spirit is that consciousness can exist without the body.In other words, it is necessary to train their spirituality as athletes train muscles.

only person who is trying to wake up every second of your mind gently and slowly, gradually moving to the next level of his.

Then it comes to the realization of spiritual immortality.Then the mind is able to break away from his earthly body and merge with the pure light of the spiritual nature of man.And there will be no question arises, how to overcome the fear of death, because it becomes available the highest spiritual world.

fact, with age, many begin to fear the weak, as well as death, loneliness possible.In terms of spirituality, this problem can be solved from the perspective of a soldier although defeat old age and death is impossible, but you need to fight to the end.That is, do not whine, do not grumble, do not complain as much as possible try to keep fit.