How to write a story on their own - advice for beginners

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Sometimes caring parents can show that their little child is bored, when they read to him at night.And it is not so important, the Russian folk tale, or the fruit of the work of the famous Brothers Grimm, still bored kid.In such a case arises before caring parents question: "How to write a story on its own to captivate the child before going to sleep?" And how do you come up with something worthwhile, when ideas come to mind about closer Mansion and Sleeping Beauty, is unclear.

How to invent an original tale

And if parents do not have to master the art of writing fairy tales, what to do?Let's try to figure it out.There are several ways on how to write a fairy tale, and with them new ideas themselves appear in your head.So, if there is no thought about the future of magic history, consider these tips.

can slightly "misquote" already known to the child fairy tale.For example, do not send Cinderella to Prince Charming at the ball, but in the journey around the world, where she will meet her lover.

Make familiar fairy tale "The Tale of the opposite."For example, a sly red fox friends with Koloboks or let Belle finds a way to wake up the sleeping prince who managed to shoot up arrow while hunting.

Another option - to continue to have a complete story.You can take the same Cinderella and describe her life with the Prince, to come up with new adventures for her wicked stepmother and sisters.

is also possible to mix two or more stories: to describe the friendship of the wooden boy Pinocchio and Little Red Riding Hood, tell about their escape from the terrible eater and a meeting with Puss in Boots.

And the last way to help you understand the complex issue of "how to write a fairy tale" (perhaps the easiest of all).You can simply transfer your work to the heroes of our time.For example, to embody the idea of ​​how to behave Thumbelina, finding themselves in a world full of cars and other vehicles terrible for her.

Perhaps when redoing old familiar tales you to visit the new, not less interesting ideas.

Features genre

Before you write your story, you should understand what are the characteristics of this genre, which features among similar works are common.Of course, you can not write the plan, but in this case, not the fact that a child will appreciate the fruit of your imagination.It is better to stick to the old proven truths.

Firstly, in the tale is always a happy ending.Suppose that in real life it is not so, but you also want to learn the science of how to write a story (magic, by the way).So you need to remember: in a fantastic reality, everything always ends well, and the bad heroes lose any positive characters and gone forever, or are on the right path, and change for the better.

Secondly, the need to raise a particular problem in the story, make it moral.For example, to show that because of the fact that the hero often deceived his friends, he lost them all.Or describe a situation similar to a scene from the "golden key" in which Pinocchio is so easy to believe the false cat and a fox that finishes for him is not very good.

Thirdly, we need the elements of magic.It's a fairy tale after all.You can think what some mythical creatures, talking animals, magical objects of everyday life will also be in place.For example, let a friend and advisor of the hero will be a talking cat.A enchanted ball of yarn will show him the way to the goal.

Well, even the protagonist is desirable to have a loyal assistant who will always give wise advice, but better - two such friends.After three - the magic number, which means that the tale will become even more magical.And all the events you need to describe the colorful, lively language.Successful comparative turnovers, hyperbole, metaphor and adjectives to cause the child's delight.

Tale for the little ones

If you have a small child and did not want to hear more interesting stories, you can write a short history of magic, a length of only a few sentences.In order to understand how to write a fairy tale small, but interesting, you need to understand one thing.In these stories the usual things and events do magic.For example, you can tell your child about the journey of his favorite toys in the courtyard or the bustling life of a blue pencil in the box with the eleven brothers.Later, when the child gets older, you can increase the baby-tale, expanding it some more events and details.Or even create a whole series of travel teddy bear and every evening for the night to tell a new story about the kid soft pet.Then the child will not be bored, he will fall asleep at night and give parents some free time for yourself.But such tales will be very pleasant tradition will remain in the memories of your offspring forever.Probably, and for their children it will also come up with little stories about toys.

How to describe the animal in a fairy tale

Before you write a story about animals, you need to think all is well.Where to begin?It should come up with an animal and give it the appropriate signs.For example, the owl is a wise and a little grumpy, and the donkey will be the identification of stupidity.Animals should be empowered qualities of people carefully, because in most fairy tales the same representatives of the animal kingdom have the same character traits.In addition, it is desirable to consider all motives of animals, as well as their appearance.For example, assign the same owl glasses and pig - Funny jumpsuit like fun joker.

Mistakes Beginners storytellers

Unfortunately, not always the first experience is successful.Therefore, a better understanding of the most common mistakes parents who want to write a story for the first time.

Most tale, but without a plan.Due to the lack of the original plan, even the most simple, very easy to get confused and write too much.Create the structure of fairy tales is not so difficult, and follow it even easier.

pointless story.The lack of morality in fairy tales are often unclear, because they are designed to teach children, and for them Neskuchnii form.If history has no purpose other than to amuse the child, nothing good will come of it.

opposed to the previous problem - too cautionary tale.When, in addition to the words about what is good and what is bad in the product do not hear anything, it would be uninteresting and not "hook" of the child.Total should be in moderation.


If you believe in yourself and stick described in this article tips in how to write a fairy tale, it is interesting for your child, there will be no doubt.After all, you, more than anyone else, you know, what is interesting to your kid and that will conquer it with the first sentence.