Consumer Services

Services recently in Russia, they say, is moving forward by leaps and bounds.An increasing number of people prefer to resolve any problems of everyday life is not his own, and to seek professional help in a significant segment of the market, which is called "consumer services" .For best meet the demand of the population everywhere opened laundries, dry cleaners, beauty salons,workshops for the repair of cars and household appliances, and other consumer services.

constantly growing demand for household services contributes to the development of existing organizations and the opening of new ones.Forms of public services can be very different, but they are all aimed at full satisfaction of most people in need of care.So for busy customers who do not have time to visit the consumer services (beauty salons, repair shops and other radio) practiced professionals leaving home.Moreover, some types of work are carried out only on the customer's home (apartment cleaning, minor repairs, cleaning of curtains).

Many experts believe that the demand for consumer services remains stable from year to year in recent years increased by about thirty percent.This is due, first of all, the desire of people with a high level of income, to improve the quality of life and save time on what is called the "daily business".

Yet consumer services in Russia is very different from the west.In Europe and America the organization of public services is mainly due to private enterprise and the creation of family businesses, whereas in our country is the collective form of management.Thus business owners life in the country are mostly labor groups - 63 percent of all businesses.Next (23%) are legal entities, and only 13% of all consumer services belong to private persons.

interesting features that distinguish domestic services to the population in Russia - perform additional types of activities not directly related to the service.This is because of the desire of many of them to survive in the harsh conditions of the Russian market, where public service organization faces many challenges specific to small business in Russia.

Among these difficulties, the most severe could be called difficulties, sometimes insurmountable, in attracting investment and obtaining credit resources, the lack of production space, which ideally suited to sanitary standards for consumer services, the lack of trained and qualified staff to perform the work, especially cutters, tailors, shoemakers and specialists to repair household appliances.And finally, the development of the market strongly inhibits the absence or imperfection of legal regulation in the industry.

Other problems faced by established enterprises, it can be solved - it is, in particular, lack of awareness about the services rendered by service companies.This problem is solved by carrying out advertising campaigns in the press and on the Internet, advertising in public transport, the production of banners, banners, pillars and other promotional materials.Forms of public services also need improvement and development.

But in any case, the enterprise of consumer services with due diligence on the part of their owners can bring in a good income and be an integral part of everyday life of many people.