Agricultural University in Simferopol - a perfect choice for the applicant

friendly Crimea is famous not only a great place to relax.Also, there are a large number of gardens, fields and vineyards.There is quite a variety of farms, growers of poultry and livestock.

All these gifts fertile Crimea handled mainly by local workers.Some of them are well prepared and issued the Agrarian University in Simferopol.


It was founded in the last century, back in 1918.Located Agricultural University in Simferopol.Address its location: urban village, which is called - Agricultural, Vuzgorodok Street.Mazepa, 10. It is near the entrance to the city.

placed nearby training center where students can consolidate their theoretical knowledge into practice.It includes the fields, orchards, greenhouses, recreation, workshops and others.

campus is the dining room, kindergarten, high school, houses, seven dormitories provided by students attending Agricultural University.In Simferopol, he is considered one of the most beautiful and comfortable.Starting from spring to autumn, the area is immersed in a variety of colors, planted by students.On one side of the village on the border of a very beautiful park.


spite of the location near the exit of the city, students and teachers easy enough to get to school and work in the Agrarian University.In Simferopol, from anywhere there very often go to municipal and shuttle buses.The end point of the journey is just located on the campus.Drive or hard to get lost.Transport runs, as the whole city, from early morning to late evening.

If you walk a little further to the previous stop, then get on the road on which travel coaches.Some students who live in the surrounding areas of the region, taking advantage of this and go home on weekends, holidays or vacations even without the arrival to the station.


Agricultural University in Simferopol and Crimea in general is quoted highly enough.He is the fourth level of accreditation, trains specialists on 26 directions.Students can qualify:

  • bachelor's degree;

  • specialist;

  • master.

forms of training can also be more accommodating for each applicant.Full-time and part-time department has approved the program and the excellent methodical base.

Along with education there is a contractual quota free parking.

also the university has a military department, which allows you to get a ticket for a military graduation.

Nonresident students are provided with a dorm room.

If during graduate school established himself properly and he has this desire, he can go to graduate school.Also at the University has a doctorate, which allows teachers to get degrees.


lot of people working in different sectors and at different enterprises of the Crimea, completed at the time the Agrarian University in Simferopol.Reviews about the level of teaching, as well as material and technical base of the institution from which you can hear a very warm and positive.

Many alumni hold leadership positions in the wine-growing, agricultural and other enterprises.Upscale technologists, veterinarians, mechanics, economists, agronomists, land surveyors and other professionals who have received the knowledge base in the Agrarian University of Simferopol, years later still with admiration recollect student life and teachers, thanks to the work and qualifications that got a happy start in life.