'Skyrim': the legendary skill.

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"Skyrim" - is the most popular and exciting role-playing game today, which gives you an opportunity to explore a huge open world, hundreds of quests to perform, pump your character in various ways and gradually move at an incredibly compelling story.However, gamers can occur quite logical questions about obscure moments in the game "Skyrim."Legendary Skill - is the stumbling block of many players, because not everyone is able to deal with it and understand what it is he needs.This article will help you shed light on this difficult question.

skills in the game

So, first of all note that, initially functioned skills in the game "Skyrim."Legendary Skill became available with one of the later patches, so some time gamers have not even heard about it.And then they had to download absolutely all the skills to get the perks available in the game.First, it required pumping unnecessary skills, for example, to pump myself a warrior magic skills, and Archer - melee.And secondly, you still have not received all the possible perks as your limit of development is the 81 level.Everything that you do not have time to take over the game, you could not get in any way.This led to the need to correct the legendary skill that opens up more opportunities for leveling in the game "Skyrim."Legendary Skill - a real salvation, which gave this game a new life.

legendary skill and its preparation

Now you know that the game "Skyrim" legendary skill there, but you still have to deal with the fact that he is and how it is achieved.Did you know that each skill has a limit of 100 points that can be invested in it.When you reach the hundredth level, we can assume that you possess this skill perfectly.But now, with the release of the patch, you can reset your skill level with the hundredth on the fifteenth, making it legendary.Thus you will considerably weaken one side of his character, but at the same time get a huge amount of extra features that will be discussed later.It is now in front of you will open one of the most interesting features of the game "Skyrim" - why legendary skills have been introduced by developers?


As mentioned earlier, in the original version of "Skyrim" that you can only reach level 81 and higher up was impossible.Now, when you become available classified legendary skill, "Skyrim" becomes much more flexible.The fact that you get a chance to re-pump the skill that was thrown to the fifteenth level to improve in the course of the overall level of your character.Thus removed the limit of your character - you can raise the level for as long as you want.However, this is not all that gives the legendary skill in "Skyrim."It is necessary to examine it thoroughly to make the most accurate understanding of its purpose.

Getting all the perks

As you know, earlier you could not achieve the maximum development and, accordingly, the receipt of all the perks that really wanted to be able to use.But now that you know how to make legendary skill in "Skyrim", you can get absolutely all the perks, which number more than 250 in the entire game.To do this, you will need to pump over 147 times all the skills.Now you need to understand that before you just could not pump as much skill as they had a limit of development and, consequently, a limited amount of own skills.Now you can collect absolutely all the perks in the game without using any cheats or trainers in the game "Skyrim."How to declare the legendary skill - it is very useful knowledge, which should possess every single gamer.Moreover, all of the above - it's not all the benefits of what you can now do the legendary skills.

Unnecessary skills

This topic has been touched upon above, but it is one of the most important, therefore, is to talk about it more seriously.Many people ask the question about "Skyrim" - what to do Skill legendary?In addition to these reasons, there is one that you definitely will be able to convince of the need for this action.As mentioned earlier, in order to achieve the maximum character level and get as many perks, you need to be pumped completely all the skills, including those that does not need your class hero.Now you can concentrate on leveling precisely those skills that you need - you can just pumping at full skill to make it a legendary - and start all over again.You'd be surprised, but even that's not all that makes the legendary skill in "Skyrim."

Redistribution perks

Perks that you get with the achievement of a new level in "Skyrim", you invest in specific skills.But not always result in you yourself are happy with how invested their perks.Before you do anything about it could not, but now it has become much easier and more convenient.When you reach the hundredth level in certain skills and declare its legendary, along with the levels of reset and all the perks.But you should not be scared - they do not disappear, but simply made available for re-allocation.Thus, you can continuously allocate its perks skill after the announcement legendary - here for you, there are no restrictions.As you can see, the legendary skills in "Skyrim" - it's incredibly useful innovation with a lot of pluses.However, it is worth to think soberly and wisely and do not forget to look at the negative side, which, unfortunately, is also present.

Cons introducing legendary skills

It would seem that the legendary skill - it is a possibility, which is incredibly useful and functional, it will be happy to take advantage of any gamer.But it is only when viewed superficially - in fact, have this function and its disadvantages, and diametrically opposed.For some classes of the legendary skills become very dangerous and is not the most profitable business - for example, for the soldiers.Given the fact that they mainly rely on his brute strength, in contrast to the mages, reset attack skills to almost the minimum level will be for them a severe blow, since they can not do enough damage yet again will train the right skills to a sufficient height.As for the other side, here you can see that magicians is now pumped too easily.They can collect all the perks and to spool the incredible levels if they just stand in the center of the city and watch the passing people and attracting the objects, that is, pumping skills "Finding life" and "Telekinesis".