Melting pleasure.

Traditional New Year's gift - chocolate - every year it becomes less and less tasty.Some chocolate manufacturers have learned to cheat.And they do it all the better.So how do you choose the right chocolate?

«To be called chocolate can tile, which is composed of processed cocoa beans - says Nina Ershova, Expert certification confectionery JSC" Rostest. "- First of all, cocoa mass, cocoa powder and cocoa butter.Plus, powdered sugar, lecithin, vanillin, emulsifiers, preservatives - as a complement.Incidentally, in December it introduced a new Standard for chocolate and now it includes up to 5% cocoa butter may be replaced by equivalent ".

Equivalent - a vegetable fat super close in composition to cocoa butter.Or just a vegetable fat.The packaging should be clearly written, whether contained in this tile vegetable fats and which ones.

If vegetable fat of the highest quality, it is unlikely you will feel the submenu.But in a cheap chocolate and sweets and fat is cheaper.The melting point of the vegetable fat is lower than that of cocoa butter in the mouth can therefore feel aftertaste - oily film.

As part of the chocolate can mean milk fat.What it is, the more milk and less chocolate taste tile.If you add milk fat, the cocoa butter put smaller.Disturbances in this.But such tiles and should cost less.After all, the most expensive products in its composition - cocoa mass and cocoa butter.The more, the higher the price.The bitter dark chocolate or milk fat should not be.

Before you pay for catchy packaging, look, which is made from tiles.Cocoa powder gives color, but it's a cheap product, and the manufacturer can overdo it - to put more expensive components smaller.In this case, the chocolate tart is a bad taste.

There are several main types of chocolate:

Bitter Chocolate.Contains 33% cocoa butter, 55% cocoa products.Taste tart with gorchinkoy.Tёmny.Contains 20% of cocoa butter of at least 40% of cocoa products.

Milk chocolate.Contains 20% cocoa butter, 25% cocoa products.

White chocolate.The same thing that milk.In it there is no cocoa powder, which gives the dark color.According to the new guest in the white chocolate contains up to 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk solids and less than 3.5% milk fat.Before adding milk fat is not permitted.

Chocolate premium - an increased composition of cocoa grated.Unfortunately, to check whether the increased amount of cocoa grated, almost impossible.Therefore, a new guest this kind of chocolate is not included.

Swiss chocolate is considered the best.But, experts say, our Russian if he put all that is necessary for the formulation, is not inferior to overseas.

By the way, in a package similar to the chocolate, confectionery tiles can be sold.It contains cocoa butter substitutes, sugar, fat, colors can be added to the cocoa powder and nuts, vanillin and the like. D. As the tiles have cocoa butter and cocoa grated, is not chocolate and sugar confectionery.


chocolate should melt in your mouth, but in his hands - not immediately.Store it in the refrigerator is not desirable.Proper temperature - from 5 to 22 ° C.

sometimes covered with white chocolate foil.It is against changes in temperature (t. E. Incorrect storage conditions)."Gray hair" can be delayed and chocolate.

Useful than chocolate:

phosphorus, magnesium, calcium.Magnesium together with phosphorus promotes the absorption of calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

Regulate blood clotting, prevent stroke and heart attack

Vitamins A, B ,null, B2, PP.

With their help, chocolate gives you energy, restores mental and physical strength.

hormone of happiness.Improves mood, relieves anxiety.

antidepressants.The body is produced in the period of love

improves work in the cardiovascular system

has tonic properties.

Regulates the intestines.

Tannin, fluorine, phosphates
tartar and tooth decay.

Theobromine stimulates the heart and central nervous system.

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