The insurance certificate of state pension insurance

In connection with the pension reform, which started in Russia in 2002, introduced a few basic regulations.This is due to the need, and provides guarantees on pension rights for those Russian citizens, who will retire in the complex demographic periods, namely at a time when the number of able-bodied persons equated to the number of pensioners will start to give them.Thus, there is a need today to reserve financial resources, which will continue to be insufficient to satisfy the public pension obligations.

As part of this reform, the amount of premiums paid to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, forming the pension capital of each insured person.He will be the source from which disbursements will be made of the retirement pension.It is worth noting that the amount of funds listed on the individual account of the insured persons are divided into two parts: the mandatory pension insurance and funded part of the pension.At the same time, each of us is given the right to dispose of their cumulativ

e part of the pension.Currently, we have the right to invest their own funded part of pension to NPF - Non-government pension funds to participate in the program of co-financing, etc.All this is aimed at so that we can maximize the size of their own future retirement.The amount of pension savings, which is addressed in a special part of the individual account is the source of payments funded pension.

insurance certificate of state pension insurance should be for each person.Working people receive a certificate of compulsory pension insurance for employment to work at the conclusion of contract, employment contract at registration of the practice, with the participation in various events, etc.The document receives the insured person.It confirms the registration of rights in the state pension insurance.

Under the new legislation, an insurance certificate of state pension insurance is issued at birth.Thanks to this small little green card in hospitals for children are given free medicines.Leaving the pension department of the place of residence a copy of the birth of a baby with a mark of citizenship and copies of certain pages of parents' passports baby can get insurance certificate of state pension insurance.It is worth noting that the insurance certificate of state pension insurance will be issued within a month.

obtain a certificate of state pension insurance is necessary to check the absence of errors in it.There may be incorrectly indicate the name, surname, patronymic, date and place of birth.Evidence of compulsory pension insurance are kept by individuals who are insured and only imposed them in employment and in other situations requiring confirmation of the fact that a person is registered in the FIU.

If the lost certificate of the state pension insurance, the working citizens should refer to the employer.Citizens who are not employed may self-refer to the RF Pension Fund and obtain a duplicate.Also, if there has been any change to your personal data, you will surely have to provide proof of these facts, and fill out an application to replace the insurance certificate.If you change the place of residence you must notify the PF of your new place of residence, as at this location produced annually inform every citizen of the state of his individual account, as well as information on investments accrued on pension funds.