How to grow cauliflower: the secrets of a great harvest

cauliflower among other highlights of vegetables rich content of protein, minerals and other beneficial substances for the organism.Among other varieties of cabbage, cauliflower differs excellent taste and high precocity.In Russia it was imported in the 18th century and immediately earned a reputation, however, was available only to aristocrats.

Today, this vegetable is very popular among gardeners, but before wondering how to grow cauliflower, need to provide the necessary conditions.Of particular importance is the choice of landing sites.It must be warm, as in the shade she produces a lot of leaves, but the head is not fastened.Soil should be humus content with a moderate, with a fairly high humidity.And compost is better to provide in the fall.

How to grow seedlings of cauliflower?

to harvest throughout the season, seedlings sown in several stages.Seeds before sowing recommended disinfected water whose temperature is to be 50 degrees, then a few minutes in the cold.To improve the quality of seeds is recommended to hold them in a solution rich in trace elements, approximately 12 hours.The first seedlings sown in late February, the next - next month.It is advisable to do it in containers or grooves in the boxes at a distance of 5 cm. During the entire period of its growing seedlings should be fed micronutrients at least three times.

Planting in open ground

first crop planted in early May, the second - in early June, the third - in early July.To prepare this series with a distance of 50 cm, where like chess, the wells are placed cabbage seedlings.Moreover, the distance between them is 40 cm. But how to grow cauliflower without additional fertilizer?At the bottom of the well, it is desirable to pour two tablespoons of mineral fertilizers and ash.The main thing here - do not place the cabbage too deeply, as in the case of sleep the first true leaf on it just simply will not accept.After seeding cover all spandbond recommended that protects against temperature changes, harmful insects, while flowing air, light and water.Experienced gardeners, knowing how to grow cauliflower, the first harvest was about 60 days after the first inoculation.Many people make the mistake of planting seedlings, she has evolved and has 6-7 leaves.As a rule, the good of it will not.

Watering and fertilizing

mullein solution was fed after 2 weeks Bedding in 2 weeks - complex fertilizer mineral and then - potassium sulfate when the head has already started to tie.Watering should be regular, especially when formed head.After each watering and rain loosen the soil.

How to grow cauliflower to get the white blossoms?

For this it pritenyayut, nadlamyvaya at several major outlet inner sheets.Cut head can be kept fresh up to three weeks, if they are wrapped in foil and placed in a refrigerator.For longer storage, freeze them better.

Without a doubt, the above tips on how to grow cauliflower help in achieving excellent harvest.