How to plant strawberries in the fall?

best time for planting strawberries - this autumn.In September, she was well accustomed, and in the spring of next year will provide the first fragrant berries.Knowing how to properly plant the strawberries in the autumn, you can avoid the pitfalls and get a 100% survival rate.


Before starting work, should be reserved rooted mustache.Purchased are not very cheap.But the best times to purchase bushes in Institute of Horticulture, proven in large stores for truckers.The quality of planting material is not in doubt, and berries on them are heavy and large.And it is with these bushes can then be propagated by taking mustache and thus have a strawberry.

If taken their own planting materials, it is still in the period of ripening is necessary to notice the most powerful bushes with large berries.Once the crop is harvested, before plant garden strawberries, antennae with these bushes perpetuate.To do this, they bend down to the ground and fix the surface with special pins or hooks.The soil under the mustache should be fertile and loose, so that it is well entrenched.

important to note that taking only the first mustache, precisely because he subsequently obtained the most powerful bushes.The rest of the antennae on the growing thread is simply removed.

Prepare beds

Talking about how to properly plant the strawberries in the autumn, it should be noted that preparing a bed for a couple of weeks before planting.Strawberry - known fan of organic matter.Therefore, compost or humus in the garden will be very relevant.Once the soil is dug up and fertilized corrupt or semi-decomposed organic matter, a bed shed water.

bushes grow in one place for 4 years.Gardeners know how difficult it is to weed and cultivate the culture that and strive to attack the weeds.Therefore it is possible to use one trick.Before you put the strawberries in the autumn, on the ridge lay black cellophane tape.It is sold in stores for gardeners.If someone lie unnecessarily large black bags (they brought to the country sundries), they are perfect.The bags are cut on the sides and get a piece of film about 1,5h0,6 meters.Just across the width of the ridge.Black cellophane glued with iron by placing it on paper, film, and the desired length is ready.

Planting strawberries

How to plant strawberries in the fall that it lacked power?With scissors in cellophane cut round holes with a diameter of 8-10 cm at a distance of 30-36 cm. They can be done in a staggered manner.A shovel is deepening, spilled water, and planted a young bush.You can in the hole put a few granules of fertilizer for strawberries and mix it well with the soil, so as not to burn the roots.Planted in the evening or on a cloudy day and always pritenyayut bushes to survival.

not very important to bury them and not to put too high.The core should be at the level of the soil and the roots - in the ground.After planting, the ground around the bush punched.Now you can see where the core from which the leaves grow.In central strawberries do not harbor.If possible, pour it in the winter snow.But she is so beautiful winters on the ridge height of 20 cm.

Here are some subtleties that you should know who is interested in how to plant strawberries in the fall.It is well rooted and next spring will delight summer resident fragrant sweet berries.