Remember the classics: a summary of Chekhov's "Ionich"

Anton Chekhov - the greatest Russian playwright, who made a great contribution to world literature.At one time he was recognized as an honorary member of the category of belles-lettres of the Imperial Academy of Sciences.Throughout his life the author has created more than 900 works.His plays for more than a century are put in many theaters around the world.The public is also aware of his short stories.They are accurate to the smallest detail, with irony and sarcasm Chekhov depicts images of ordinary people making fun of their vices.One of these stories is the product of the author's "Ionich."In the center of the story - the story of the life of a country doctor Dmitry Ionych Startseva.This is the story about a man with the makings of a good and noble dreams that imperceptibly turns into an ordinary man in the street, indifferent to everything and everybody.So, a summary of Chekhov's "Ionich."

Meeting protagonist with family Turkins

In one provincial town, known as S., the practice led the young doctor Dmiry Ionich Elders.Life in this place was boring and monotonous.Despite the fact that there were in the city and the library and the theater, and the club, these places little demand by citizens.However, there were smart and educated people, for example family Turkins.The head of the family of Ivan Petrovich often arranged amateur theatricals in which the protagonist was himself.He had a good sense of humor, so that at times it was impossible to figure out whether he was joking or said seriously.His wife, Madame Turkin worked writing novels and stories that are willing to read to the public.Their daughter, Katherine, played well on the piano and dreamed of going to the conservatory.Dmitry Ionich often advised to visit at Turkins and get to know them.One day, he decided to accept the invitation of the head of the family and visit them.Meeting was held.Dmitri Ionovich it produced the most favorable impression.Even a summary of Chekhov's "Ionich" can convey the special character of the ease of mind and liveliness of the main character, has not yet sunk in a small town commonplace.

Marriage proposal Startseva and denial Katie

year passed before the district doctor again visited the family Turkins.This time he was called to the Faith Josephovna, which has long suffered from migraine.Appearing in the house, the main character is noted as more beautiful for this time Katherine, or Kitty as she was called home.Without realizing Elders falls in love with a girl.Now the country doctor becomes a frequent visitor to the family Turkins.One day he decided to make an offer to Katya.Dressed in another suit, as he did not have his, our hero goes to the house to Turkin and private offers to marry Kitty.Suddenly he gets rebuffed.Katherine explains to him that it has no plans to marriage, that in front of her waiting for a conservatory and a brilliant musical career.Dmitry Ionich did not expect such a turn.He stunned.His pride is wounded.Soon, our hero learns about leaving Katie to Moscow.So clean and full of hope shows the main character at the beginning of the story Chekhov.The story "Ionich", a summary of which is given here - it is the story of true human values, about how important not to miss the most important thing in life - love of family.

Ionych meeting with Kate a few years

It took four long years before Dmitry Ionich again saw Katya.During this time the country doctor has got a lot of practice.He was stout, walked reluctantly, preferring to ride in a troika with bells pedestrian walks.During this time, he hardly visited Turkins.But once our hero receives a letter of invitation from Vera Josephovna and Katherine.Elders going to visit them.Meeting him Kotik did not make the proper impression on him.But Catherine was obviously excited.Now it was not the romantic girl, dreams dreams of music, and an adult woman, who had to give up on life.She invites Ionych in the garden to talk alone.There our hero tells Kate that she lost faith in her talent pianist, that for it he is now pure exalted person who has a noble purpose in life - to help the sick.In Startseva this revelation does not find a response in the heart and, leaving the house Turkins, he was relieved to think about how good he got married once to Ekaterina Ivanovna.Summary of Chekhov's "Ionich" does not allow to pass full of changes that take place in Kate and Startseva just four years after their last meeting.

Soul degradation protagonist

After the meeting, there was another letter Kitty Startsev.But he did not answer him, and a longer visited them.Many years later.During this time Ionich rich, has acquired great practice.He felt no matter terribly stout.But how to leave work Ionich not thinking - greed overcame.The life of our hero's boring and monotonous.To all and to all he is indifferent.He is alone, not near native soul.Katherine also grown old, often sick.The only consolation for her - playing the piano daily.Chekhov's story "Ionich", a summary of which is presented here - a story that can happen to a man deprived of the opportunity to develop and move forward.Unfortunately, often we realize that we have lost, only years later, when this return is not the best.

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