Who is the schizophrenic?

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inexplicable and mysterious mental illness.Society by people suffering from them.Why is this happening?Perhaps some form of mental illness transmitted by airborne droplets?The mysterious word "schizophrenic" is a huge amount of conflicting feelings and negative associations.But who is schizophrenic, and whether he is dangerous to others?

little history

term "schizophrenia" was formed from two Greek words: "schizo" - Split, "Fran" - the mind.The name of the disease invented psychiatry professor Paul Eugen Bleuler and said that it must be relevant as long as the scientists do not find an effective way to cure.Symptoms of the disease have been described by a psychiatrist from Russia in 1987, however, when it had a different name - "ideofreniya."

Who is the schizophrenic?The bright minds looking for the answer to this question.About the disease known very much and do not know anything.Normal behavior is mixed with inadequacy, clever ideas border on the unbelievable nonsense.Bleuler referred to it emotional, volitional and intellectual ambivalence.

most often initially only guess about the state of the family relative.The fact that the disease manifests itself very strange schizophrenia rejects the relatives, and in relation to them all visible abnormalities and symptoms of the disease, whereas with friends and colleagues behavior remains the same.To this there is a very logical and reasonable explanation.Formal, surface communication does not require such huge emotional cost, as the spiritual connection.Personality is damaged, it is in the process of destruction, why love - is a painful sphere, man has no moral nor physical strength to spend himself on her.


So who is schizophrenic?This is a man who suffers from a serious illness, which is characterized by a number of features:

  • manifested emotional coldness.The man extinguished feelings to relatives, friends.Gradually the indifference gives way to wanton aggression and anger towards the close people.
  • lose interest in entertainment, hobbies.Aimless empty days replace hobbies.
  • gut feelings subside.It is characterized by the fact that a person can skip a meal, ignore the extreme heat or cold, bring your own appearance beyond recognition appears untidiness, slovenliness, absolute indifference to clothes and basic daily treatments (brushing teeth, face care, body, hair, etc.. d.)
  • There may be saying, does not hold water, delusions, bizarre and inappropriate comments.
  • There are auditory and visual hallucinations.The danger is that sometimes the verbal voice not just convey information and motivate to action: to cause serious harm to himself or others.
  • Who is the schizophrenic?First of all, a person who is prone to hypochondriacal neurosis, has many different phobias and unreasonable fears, suffering from depersonalization.
  • the early stages of manifest obsession (scary intrusive thoughts and images).
  • You can also watch the lethargy, apathy, insomnia, confusion, and a complete lack of sexual needs.


The state of psychosis implied Spring Fever in schizophrenics.It is characterized by loss of connection with the real world.Reduced orientation, the usual symptoms take hypertrophied form.It is believed that even a healthy person is experiencing some discomfort in the autumn and spring.This is expressed melancholy, general sluggishness of the body, vitamin deficiency, decreased performance.

Nevertheless, many "healers of the soul," claimed that schizophrenics Spring Fever - this is more myth than reality.The worsening of the disease is rarely confined to a specific time of year.

Rosenhan experiment

back in 1973 psychologist D. Rozenhan held an unprecedented and risky experiment.He told the world how to become schizophrenic, and go back to normal.He was well versed in the symptoms of the disease, and he did it so well that he was able to simulate schizophrenia, get diagnosed with a psychiatric clinic, and a week completely "cured" and go back home.

After some time, an interesting experiment was repeated, but now brave psychologist was in the company of brave friends.Each of them knew how to become schizophrenic, and then artfully depict healing.Here is an interesting story in that they were issued with the phrase "schizophrenia in remission."Does this mean that psychiatrists do not leave the chance of recovery and the terrible diagnosis will pursue all his life?

Great crazy

theme "Famous schizophrenics" causes a lot of noisy debate.In today's world this unflattering epithet awarded almost everyone who has achieved unprecedented heights in the arts or any other activity.Schizophrenics call every other writer, artist, actor, scholar, poet and philosopher.Of course, truth in these statements a little, and people tend to confuse talent, eccentricity and creativity with signs of mental illness.

suffer from this ailment Russian writer Nikolai Gogol.Episode psychosis mixed with excitement and activity bore fruit.It caused panic attacks schizophrenia, hypochondria, claustrophobia.When the condition worsened, the famous manuscript was burned.The writer explained that the machinations of Satan.

Vincent van Gogh was ill with schizophrenia.Joy and happiness alternated with bouts of suicidal thoughts.The disease progressed to the hour of the painter X - hosted famous operation, during which he cut off his ear and sent a portion of the fragment of the beloved as a souvenir, and then was sent to an institution for the mentally ill.

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche had a diagnosis of "schizophrenia".His behavior did not differ adequacy, delusions of grandeur was a feature.There is a theory that his writings influenced Adolf Hitler's worldview and strengthened his desire to become a "master of the world."

It's no secret that scientists schizophrenic - is not a myth.A striking example - the American mathematician John Forbes Nash.His diagnosis - "paranoid schizophrenia."John became known worldwide thanks to the film "A Beautiful Mind."He refused to drink tablets, explaining that they can have a negative impact on his mental abilities.People to treat him as a harmless lunatic, but a mathematician was still awarded the Nobel Prize.

How to recognize a schizophrenic?

  1. patient ceases to talk to loved ones, as it sees them conspirators, liars and enemies who want him dead.
  2. attacks seclusion and isolation can be replaced by excessive sociability.
  3. schizophrenic talking to himself, and it is not a banal phrases such as "Where are my keys? 'Observations are absolutely illogical, speaking strangely constructed, there is a" slip "from one thought to another.There is a medical term "logic-chopping" - a kind of thinking, which is characterized by inappropriate philosophizing, stupid, empty, banal judgments.
  4. are changing personality traits (punctuality and perfectionism give way to carelessness and sloppiness).
  5. changes in perception, usually wearing sporadic.
  6. strange behavior, unacceptable behavior.

But of course, there were some examples from the list still does not mean that a person is seriously ill.Such diagnosis is competent specialists very carefully and carefully.After schizophrenia - a stigma, and to some extent the verdict.

How not to incur the wrath of a patient?

As mentioned above, the society by people with mental disorders, but it is impossible when a schizophrenic family member.What to do in such a situation?First of all, carefully read the information on how to behave with a schizophrenic.There are a number of rules:

  1. not ask questions aimed at clarifying parts of delusional statements.
  2. not argue, trying to refute the allegations of the patient.
  3. If the patient feels very strong emotions (fear, anger, hatred, sadness, anxiety), to try to reassure.But do not forget to call the doctor.
  4. With great care to express their own opinion.
  5. not scoff and not be afraid.

paranoid schizophrenia

Who was paranoid schizophrenic?This is a man who suffers from delusions (jealousy, delusions of grandeur, persecution), affected by fears, doubts, hallucinations, thought disorder.The disease occurs in people older than 25 years and at the initial stage is slow character.This is one of the most common forms of schizophrenia.

«Heavy madness" baby

For parents there is nothing worse than a sick child.Children schizophrenics - a frequent phenomenon.They, of course, are different from their peers.The disease can occur even in the first year of life, but appear much later.Gradually, the child becomes withdrawn, abstracted from loved ones, you can see thought disorder and a complete loss of interest in usual cases.The sooner a problem is detected, the more effective the fight against it.There are some signs that should alert:

  • Walking around and from side to side.
  • rapid arousal and almost immediate extinction.
  • Impulsiveness.
  • Unmotivated tears, hysterical laughter, aggression.
  • cold.
  • lethargy, lack of initiative.
  • The collapse of speech in conjunction with immobility.
  • Absurd behavior.

childhood schizophrenia terrible its complications.If the process appeared on the stage of formation of the person, it may appear oligofrenopodobny defect with mental retardation.

Alternative Treatment

There is an interesting theory, how to change the life of a schizophrenic.Why are doctors of science, professors and doctors genius of our time has not yet found an effective way to cure?It's very simple: schizophrenia - a disease of the soul, so the drug treatment is not conducive to recovery, but only aggravates its course.

Panacea can become the temple of the Lord, it was he who heals the soul.Of course, this method first no one adopts, but later, when relatives come to despair, they are willing to try anything.And surprisingly, the belief in the healing power of the church and can work a miracle.

Worsening disease

Aggravation schizophrenics could plunge into a panic impressionable relatives.The acute period of illness requires immediate hospitalization.This will protect the immediate environment and to protect the patient.Sometimes there may be some difficulties related to the fact that the schizophrenic does not consider himself a sick man.All the arguments of reason will be broken on the blank wall of his misunderstanding, so you need to act without his consent.You must also become familiar with warning signs of relapse approximation:

  • change in the normal mode.
  • Features of behavior that were observed before the last attack.
  • refusal to visit a psychiatrist.
  • Lack or surplus of emotion.

If the symptoms are evident, it is necessary to notify the physician, to reduce the possibility of adverse effects on the patient from the outside, you do not change the rhythm and way of life.

Tips close

People with such a relative, often at a loss and do not understand how to live with him under the same roof.To avoid excesses, is to examine information on how to live a schizophrenic:

  • patients need long-term treatment and should be kept under constant review.
  • The therapy will certainly be an exacerbation and relapse.
  • necessary to create a body of work and household chores for the sick and never exceeded.
  • overprotection is capable of harm.
  • on the mentally ill can not be angry, screaming, annoyed.They can not move the criticism.

also need to know the signs of impending suicide attempt:

  1. General statements about the meaninglessness and the transience of existence, the sinfulness of the people.
  2. hopeless pessimism.
  3. voice commanding commit suicide.
  4. conviction of the patient that he was suffering from an incurable disease.
  5. sudden calm and fatalism.

to prevent the tragedy, must learn to distinguish between "normal" behavior of schizophrenic abnormal.One can not ignore his talk about wanting to commit suicide, the common man is able in this way to seek attention to his own person, but with the schizophrenic is different.It should try to convey to his mind that the disease will soon step aside and come relief.But it should be done gently and unobtrusively.

Poor, if the patient suffers from alcohol or drug addiction, it exacerbates the disease, significantly complicates the process of rehabilitation, confers resistance to drugs, and increases the tendency to violence.

Violence here stands alone.And a lot of people concerned about the issue: whether there is a likelihood that the schizophrenic harm others?It should immediately be noted that the social danger is exaggerated.Of course, there have been precedents, but if you install a deranged relationship of trust and care for them properly, the risk is completely excluded.