All Biography Elena Stepanenko

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Elena Stepanenko is not just a good woman, but also a well-deserved People's Artist of Russia.Born in 1953 in Volgograd.From his youth she loved to sing and dance.Without any problems after school entered the local art school, having studied there for only one year, she was determined to go to Moscow.Elena G. always has a strong sense of purpose, so after a while she was studying in GITIS on actress musical genre.As the biography of Elena Stepanenko, after graduation, she worked in theater companies under the direction of Yevgeny Petrosyan.These groups later turned into a different theater of miniatures, and she became his wife Elena G. Eugene Vaganovicha.

Elena Stepanenko, Biography: Career

Since the mid-90s yumoristka Elena Stepanenko performed solo numbers and concerts.Elena Stepanenko biography describes her as a tragicomic actress.In the performances, in which she starred with Yevgeny Petrosyan, it has become even more obvious that it is endowed with a very rare gift.And this talent makes it on stage comic female superstar.

Today Elena Stepanenko biography is constantly updated, so it is not only a constant and an integral member of a "curved mirror", but also other equally popular entertainment TV programs.

Not a second of rest

Elena Stepanenko - real creative workaholic.Even in the car, she does not waste time in vain - she explores new roles, something permanent records, fixes replicas and will not part with the audio player recorded on the rehearsals.That is why, as soon as she appears on the scene, immediately dealt a stunning burst of applause.She loves his audience and the audience meet her affection.

Elena Stepanenko: biography

Children always love their parents, and Elena G. always adored his parents, despite the fact that I was born in a family of simple workers.Father constantly changing profession, he worked as a cook in a restaurant, then to realize themselves in a chemical plant.His mother is an ordinary, but a very good hairdresser.Before Elena Stepanenko went to Moscow to enter the university, they lived together in a small private house built for two families.Elena Stepanenko biography states that his very first show she played while still in the tenth grade.Initially she refused, citing the complexity of the role and his inexperience, but nevertheless, the head of drama circle, in which the young artist was, managed to convince her that the role will be able to handle only to her and to persuade her to take part in the formulation.Despite the fact that the performance itself, and took the young actress role was very complicated, she coped with a bang.Spectators standing ovation.Later she was still a lot of different plays, monologues, scenes and much more, but that it is happening on the stage, created a huge sensation and audiences have always been delighted.