Schoolchildren - are allergic to their own hair

The seven-year

Englishman Junior Rakroft daily looks into the face of death.He's already got more than 50 times to the hospital and desperately fighting for a chance to breathe.The problem is greatly complicated by the fact that Junior addition to various types of allergies - allergic to your own hair.

Junior and his mother Paula Hopps live in Darlington.For the first time, the boy was diagnosed with allergies when he was only a year.Then Paul kissed his son eaten before this nut.Suddenly the son's face was swollen and became irregular breathing.

Paul rushed to the hospital with the child.The doctors said that even a little bit.and it would be too late.The boy was diagnosed with asthma, and a whole bunch of allergies: to nuts, on the cat and dog fur, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, grass, pollen and even human hair.

for the boy and his family this meant a daily struggle for his life.And the attacks can cause not only a reaction to certain smells, and emotions such as crying.

Junior constantly on medications and inhalation.In addition to his four other floors have children, but, fortunately, none of them is allergic.

And not so long ago, news of another allergy son Paul caught unawares.The matter this time the doctors diagnosed him with: allergy to his own body.

"Earlier I have repeatedly called the school and said that while having my baby's hair starts hands, and then, when it touches the palms face, it begins to redden and swell, - says Paula.- I could not understand what was happening, but then experts have found that the way his body reacts to its own hair follicles, that is, he is allergic to itself.Upon learning of the diagnosis, I laughed and called him crazy, but gradually realized that the doctors are right.Now I need to make sure that my son had a short haircut, and he touched her hands to her hair. "

"Every day I was with other children clean the house, to prevent the development of allergic reactions.We have a vacuum cleaner, clean and wash.However, we can not always keep him from an asthma attack, which occurs when he runs up the stairs or emotionally experiencing an event, "- says Paul.

family hopes that the new drug will help junior who is about to arrive on the shelves.

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