"Opel Record" (Opel Rekord): specifications, tuning, photos

"Opel Record" - the name of the West German car, which was manufactured for a long time - namely, in the period from 1957 to 1986.At that time, customers could buy both mid-size and full-size version of this machine.Today, too, can find this car, only with great difficulty.This is the legend of the world-famous German company.

little history

should be noted that in the model number "Opel Record" in the middle.He was something of a cross between Kapitän models and Kadett.Moreover, as the characteristics and size.Incidentally, it is worth noting that prior to the release of this model there was a car called the Olympia Rekord.Something of this machine has been borrowed in the process of developing a new car "Opel Record".

Many were produced generations of this car.For better presentation even decided to use Internal codes (A, PII, PI, and so on).Today, these signs are common.

And in 1953, it has started production of cars "Opel Record".All the production was able to sell about five hundred eighty thousand cars.At that time it was a respectable figure, and I must say, "Opel" really lived up to expectations.

first generation

What can you say about the very first generation of Opel Rekord?Perhaps the first thing to note is that it is a product of very careful processing and the modernization of the notorious "Olympia".What has changed?First, the body has changed - it became more.There were panoramic windows, plus the entire machine gave bright decorative elements.All this is somewhat reminiscent of a model GM, manufactured at the time the American concern Chevrolet.Interestingly, in many markets the car first generation sold under the brand Buick.And he was just the same attitude to the above Chevrolet.

Up until 1959, this machine is available in two trim levels.The first - the base, the second - with an improved design.Well, in terms of technical characteristics it was exactly the same cars.

Further production

After the first generation Opel Rekord began production of the new model with an improved 1.2-liter engine in the forty-horsepower (now, of course, this figure is very small, but in those days it was a good motor).This car was worth about six thousand German marks.Soon, this model has been upgraded, and the producers have given the car electric wipers (before the machines were installed in the conventional pneumatic), and received a brand-new instrument panel upholstered.It made for security purposes.Also moved the ignition.This is a safety knee motorist.In the same period, began to produce a four-door sedan.

Interestingly, in the early 1960s became a concern Autenrieth based on "Record P1" release version of convertibles and coupes, which more than any other popular.

other generations

When there are other models.For example, Rekord P2.It has become more in contrast to his predecessor, besides the producers added a line of body pickup.Also, work has been done on the design of the car "Opel Record".Photos show a rather stylish at times 1960s car.The model is significantly changed, and that pleases, it disappeared from everything that reminded American models of the time.From what can be noted attention - flat roof and enlarged sizes.In this way, by the way, turned out to make the car more comfortable.The model not only outwardly became more - spacious inside too.

Then began to appear two-door sedans, and then manufacturers have released deluxe version L, which was equipped engine 1680 cubic meters.The motor had been given sixty horsepower.And later these cars began to install a four-speed manual transmission.

Edition 1970

After more than ten years of continuous production in the light came a new generation of cars "Opel Record" specifications were even better than previous machines.A new body, and it was a four-door station wagon.Potential buyers were offered quite an extensive range of engines - and in 1500 and 1700 and 1700S, 1900 and S2200.

It is worth noting that this generation (ie fifth) was the most popular buy and commercially successful in the history of the brand.We managed to sell about 1.3 million copies!That's because these machines are reliable, stylish and, most importantly, have a spacious lounge, which is strategically located as the driver and passengers.Plus, while there was a sports modification with established exclusive engine by as much as 106 horsepower!Due to this motor vehicle sold under the name Record Sprint, could accelerate to 174 km / h.For 1970 it was just an unreal figure.

Rekord II - generation completed production

"Opel Record" tuning which enjoyed great popularity and continued to go out, but in other versions.Became a popular line of Record II - cars were given a fairly powerful engine.All of them have four cylinders.Also there was a version with a 2.1-liter diesel engine.Subsequently began to appear modified six-cylinder, except that they have taken out soon with a separate model.

Well, completed the issuance of a large series of "Record" car produces under the label E. Sold were a lot of instances - about one million.This car even today, looks quite modern, and the performance is not so bad.There is even a version with an automatic transmission.In general, over the years, manufacturers have more advanced machines.And no wonder, because with the improvement of technology has become better and the world automotive industry.

After the publication of this generation the production was closed.But even now, with a large fortune can be used to find "Opel Record" of the 1980s.On average, the price today is about 80 thousand rubles.And if you spend some work and make tuning, it will bring the car to a view.