How to apply the shadows right?

woman always wants to, looking at her, people admired her beauty and passing by folded neck from what can not look away.But often, the natural beauty of this small, so most emphasizes its features or trying to hide some disadvantages in using makeup.And the title role in the play all the eyes, because eyes can work wonders.And to emphasize the most expressive part of the face can shade so it is important to know how to properly apply the shadows.

Due to the fact that many do not know how to apply makeup, they look like dolls and may cause only laughter, but not delighted.Some do not emphasize their beauty, but simply destroy it.To avoid this effect, it is necessary to know how to apply eye shadow.

learn how to apply the shadow, it is too early to say.You should always start with the application to the surface of the eyelids tonal framework.It should be evenly distributed, thin layer.If you overdo it, then nothing good is not finished: a large number of tonal framework will only make it more likely cluster of shadows in certain areas and in the folds of the eyelids.And it is completely useless.Once done with this case, be sure to check that the layer tone in both eyes was exactly the same.

Once you have done forever tonal basis, you will need to apply a thin layer of transparent powder.Apply the powder with your finger, as many people like to do, is strictly forbidden, this requires a special brush for makeup.Slow and gentle movements, apply a small layer of powder on the eyelids.This should be done only with your eyes closed to avoid eye contact and possible irritation.

After preparing the basis for make-up, you can proceed to the very question of how to apply eye shadow on.First you need to put the best light tone with the help of a large brush.This is done toward the frontal bone, since the lash line.After that you need to shade the shadow of a special brush movements, similar to the movements of the wiper of the car.

Then you need to apply a darker shade with a soft brush.To begin, again, you need to lash line, but do not reach the folds.If you go beyond them, then your makeup risked harsh and unnatural.It is important not to forget that the question of how to apply the shadow, you can not overdo it, otherwise all you will then sideways.To soften the transition from one color to another, use a brush for shading.

Then apply the darkest shade, using a rounded brush.These shadows you have to emphasize the fold of the eyelid and lash line, so apply them in the form of an inverted V, gently moving to the inner corner of the eye.Then blend the shadow of a special brush.

main rule in how to apply the shadows - you should always start with the lightest color and gradually move to the darkest.That color was more intense, you can wet the brush a little water.

To permanently emphasize the eyes, after applying shadows, use the eyeliner or eyeliner and mascara.Here acts the same rule - do not overdo.Otherwise, your makeup will look not only ugly, but also vulgar.Also, to make a more finished look, you can apply a little light color under the brow, and if it allows the shade in the inner corner of the eye.

Many are often faced with the problem of erosion of the shadows.The solution to this problem may be cosmetic, in which the ingredients do not include fat.Also, you should give up the gel-like or liquid shadows.But if you do not want to abandon it, you can apply a thin layer of powder on top of the shadows.This is to prevent blurring.

Every woman should know how to apply the shadow.If you look, there is nothing complicated to do it correctly.It is only necessary to follow the rules and advice, and then your makeup will simply stunning.