Horses ponies - small but hardy animals

pony Miniature horses have short stature.Because of the friendly nature of the attractive appearance and small dimensions of these unique animals bred many breeders around the world.Horses ponies have strong short legs, bushy tail and mane, powerful neck and a small head with a broad forehead.They live about 30-35 years.

How did

breed on the islands of Northern Scandinavia and the south of France, in the delta of the Rhone, scientists have found the remains of Solutrean - old horse that has a miniature physique.She is the ancestor of modern ponies.The breed dwarf, hardy, strong and shaggy horses formed in adverse conditions windy rocky islands with sparse vegetation.Initially horse pony pictures are represented on this page are used for heavy duty applications.They could carry loads exceeding their own weight 20 times.Therefore, in the old days they used to work in coal mines, underground.

The nature

Horses Ponies have a complex disposition.They are very clever, cunning and stubborn.So often novice breeders, due to lack of knowledge and experience for a long time can not find your pet with a common language.These horses must be kept in severity.The most peaceful and patient nature at Shelties - perhaps the most common breed.Useful information about the content of these animals can be found in specialized clubs.It is best to start a pony baby and raise him from childhood, than to buy a horse and an adult is constantly watching and correcting her bad habits.


Horses pony pretty unpretentious.They can contain the usual stall for a few heads.After a year of stallions is recommended to keep separate from each other.The main thing for these animals - clean air, lack of moisture and drafts.Otherwise, you may experience the disease of hooves and skin, cold, which often ends in death.To supply the horses, it is desirable to use a high-quality feed.



homeland of this breed is Argentina.They are perfectly stacked riding: light head graceful, slender legs and small hooves.These miniature horses are widely distributed around the world.Due to its intelligent and calm like them get along great with children.


is the smallest among the other representatives of the breed.Little pony horse in nature - is very playful animal.The most common piebald color.Its distinguishing feature - the large white spots on black, fawn or gray background mainly skins.

Mini Appaloosa

This kind of small horses has been bred exclusively by selection.It has a striped hooves, mottled skin and a tiny increase in (86 cm).Appearance typical pony riding horses: flexible neck, small head, muscular body, strong hooves, the right limb.This breed is most common in Germany, America, Netherlands.