How to visually enlarge the eyes: a set of tips

find a woman fully satisfied with their own appearance, is quite difficult.At the fair sex in the blood desire to continually improve itself.If the lady closely examines himself in the mirror, be sure it is sure to find some defects in their appearance.Too pug nose, small eyes, and others.However, some do have a certain disadvantage.Next you will learn how to visually enlarge the eyes.There can be several means.

How to visually enlarge the eyes, using makeup

If makeup is applied skillfully, it allows you to make the eyes more expressive and much larger.You can use the advice of professionals, to achieve the desired result.The first step is to use a shadow.Most dark shades should be applied at the outer corner of the eye.Maximum light shade should be located directly under the brow, and the average tone is used on a movable century crease behind him.Dark pencil is necessary to draw a line along the edge of the century, very close to the site of the lash.Now came the turn of giving curved eyelashes.When using solid mascara brush is to comb them.Now it is necessary to apply blush from the top of the cheekbones to the temples, choosing the color according to the fashion trends and color.Lip Makeup is the finishing touch.It is necessary to draw the outline using a white or light pencil.When painting the lips, it is important to remember that the center should get a little lighter.

This version is a classic, but all appearance has certain individual features, so this scheme is to make certain adjustments.If the eyes are set wide apart, it is necessary to draw the inner area as thoroughly as possible, without having to draws outside.Eyebrows the right thing to bring closer to the nose.On the inside of the eye, in this case it is necessary to put the darkest shade, which then must be feathered to the eyebrows.So you can not only fix the broad land, but also visually enlarge the eyes.If widely planted all clear what to do with the close-set?

How to visually enlarge the eyes, close-set

There will a dark pencil.It is necessary to draw a line from the middle of the upper and lower eyelid to the outer corner.The lightest shade should be applied to the inner corner, and by mid-century it is necessary to use a darker color.The distance between the eyebrows you have to make as large as possible.It is necessary to use tweezers, if your eyebrows grow too close or even fused.

How to visually enlarge the eyes if they are narrow

Here you can use a simple recommendation.It is necessary to draw a line not at the lash line and at a distance from them.The resulting path should be lightly shaded.

When choosing makeup of considerable importance is the color of the face and its shape.If you want to visually enlarge the eyes, you should remember that the full cheeks will look harmonious with only one color of dark ink.Pearl circuit is an excellent tool to increase a cut eye in the dark skin.In vogue again false eyelashes, which will not only make the eyes more expressive, but also perfectly suitable for evening makeup.

Another useful "focus", allowing to somehow increase the eyes are colored lenses.This was possible because the lenses are now made with a charcoal outline.The combination of a smooth transition from color to the transparent area, as well as a spectacular circuit gives the eyes a natural look and makes them more expressive.It is important to choose a lens that will completely fit your type of person.

From the foregoing it is clear that you can make your way to the commission by using simple techniques.